The Advanced MS Project Training: A Microsoft Project Course

Project Management Courses

Mastering MS Project: Advanced Training for Effective Project Management

Project Management is an important aspect of business, as well as personal, success. It impacts the ability of an organization to deliver projects on time and within budget. Project Management ensures consistency with corporate strategy and brand expectations. 
Microsoft Project is one of the most used software packages for project management. This course provides hands-on training on MS Project Software with comprehensive coverage of project planning, control, and scheduling concepts.
The Advanced MS Project is a comprehensive training provides an insight to project and program management. It will provide a comprehensive coverage of project planning, control, and scheduling concepts with MS Project Software. This makes it one of the top software project management courses.
The course covers all aspects of the software. This includes project planning, resource management, costs tracking, and communication. It will also teach participants with controlling the schedule which includes managing the critical path and estimating durations. 
This course will enable participants to effectively manage their projects. The course will help participants to increase efficiency. They will be able to achieve greater results. This will will reduce stress in their everyday lives; improve performance at work; and increase job satisfaction.
This course provides hands-on training on MS Project Software. It is not one of the project management fundamentals courses.
It is one of the distinguished Microsoft Project training courses. The course includes practical working models that create and track the entire project through to completion. The course covers MS Project functions which are used to ensure that the project runs as planned. 

Who Should Attend Advanced MS Project Training?

Project Managers
 Project Schedulers
Project Controllers
Project Cost Controllers
Anyone else who wishes to learn the fundamentals of MS Project.
Targeted Organizational Departments for Advanced MS Project Training
Project Management Office.
Project Units.
Targeted Industries for Advanced MS Project Training
Any Sector or Industry that work in Project-Based Business Environment.
Learning Impact and Outcomes of Advanced MS Project Training

By the end of this course participant will be able to:

·     Understand all of the basic project management concepts.
·     Successfully develop a project plan, ranging from small to mega projects.
·     Master Project Management Skills
·     Apply practical knowledge of MS Project software.

Training Methodology:

Training is undertaken through lectures assisted by audio& visual presentations. 
 Trainee participation is ensured through assignments, role-plays. Case studies also will be discussed to help the audience with the training content.  
Trainees are also encouraged to share their workplace experiences, and these are discussed in detail by the trainer.

Course Toolbox 

Participants will get an MS Project 2016 training tool kit (14) Days Trail.
Reading Material.

Course Agenda:

Day (1) Introduction to MS Project Course

·     Project Life Cycle & Project Phases
·     Work Breakdown Structures
·     Characteristics of Good Project Management
·     Setup the MS project schedule options
·     Selecting the project scheduling method (Forward/ Backward)
·     Setting the project start/end dates
·     Choosing manual vs automatic scheduling
·     Setting the project calendar and working times
·     Create and edit project calendars
§ Examine the effects of calendars on the project schedule
§ Share custom project calendars
·     Start a new Microsoft Project plan

Day (2) Creating the WBS: MS Project Training

·     Defining tasks relations \\ durations
·     Link tasks to create a project schedule
·     Examine the four task link types
·     Adjust the schedule with lag and lead time
·     Creating project tasks
·     Sequencing tasks
·     Defining and setting resources
·     Defining and working with the CP
·     Reschedule a Task

Day (3) Project Costs: Microsoft Project Course

·     Costing the project
·     Budgeting the project
·     Tracking Project Performance
·     Setting the Baseline for a project
·     Updating the project progress
·     Monitoring and controlling schedule
·     Performance measuring using the Earned Value Management

Day (4) MS Project Training Course and Resource Allocation

·     Create a Custom Table
·     Reporting Project Data Visually
·     Leveling Resources: manual vs automatic
·     Share Resources
·     Looking for and identifying over allocated resources
·     Overview on different project views

Day (5) Microsoft Project Course and Reporting

·     Create a Master Project
·     Set an Interim Plan
·     Reusing Project Plan Information Topic 
·     Create a Project Plan Template
·     Create a Visual Report
·     Create a Custom View 
·     Customize a Visual Report

MS Project & Agile Project Management Training Courses

Agile Project Management is an important aspect of business, as well as personal, success. It impacts the ability of an organization to deliver projects on time and within budget. 
Agile Project Management means ensuring consistency with corporate strategy and brand expectations. Microsoft Project is one of the most used software packages for Agile project management. This course is an agile project management course.

Ms Project & Project Portfolio Management Training Courses

Project portfolio management (PPM) is a systematic approach to managing projects. It's used by companies to manage multiple projects at once, and it helps teams prioritize projects and use resources more effectively.
Microsoft Project is a great tool. Microsoft Project helps managing project portfolio by providing a way to track progress, and other metrics over time. 
This process can be complex, but Microsoft Project makes it easier. Microsoft Project organizes information into charts and graphs. It makes it easy to see how things are going on any given day or week.

Project Management Office Training Courses

Microsoft Project is a project management software that provides a centralized resource for all of your projects. It helps The PMO manage, organize, and track all of the projects in one place. MP make it easy to stay on top of deadlines, budgets and resources without having to jump between different applications.

Microsoft Project has many benefits for the PMO:

1. It allows PMO to easily share information with other departments or teams involved in the project. Microsoft Project can also keep track of what other are doing on their end.
This gives PMO more time to focus on other important tasks such as managing other projects or working on strategic initiatives. Rather than just constantly checking in with each individual team member or department head every day. 
2. It allows PMO to plan ahead by setting up milestones & deadlines before they happen. When Using MS Project PMO staff members will not face any surprises later down the road.

These are some of the advantages of Microsoft Project:

1. Organizing multiple projects together into one platform.
2. Tracking the progress with Gantt charts and network diagrams.
3. Creating reports on any aspect of your project (costs, time spent on tasks etc).
4. Reporting progress by team member or department (assigning tasks to different departments).