Better Business Writing Skills: Communication Course

Inspired by CAN DO WRITING: The Proven Ten-Step System for Fast and Effective Business Writing

'Effective Writing Skills For Business' Overview:

The "Effective Writing Skills For Business" course is designed to refine your business English communication skills, focusing on better business writing skills essential for today's fast-paced corporate world. As part of our communication skills courses offering, we provide a comprehensive training for communication skills, ensuring that every participant leaves with enhanced clarity, precision, and effectiveness in their professional writing. We offer a unique approach to learning with a blend of theory and practical application. This course is not just another communication skills course but a targeted program to hone secretary skills, management communication skills, and much more, setting a solid foundation for successful business communication.


Target Audience:

This course is suitable for:

  • Secretaries seeking to refine their secretary skills.
  • Managers looking to improve their management communication skills.
  • Professionals aiming to build better business writing skills.
  • Individuals seeking a comprehensive course on communication skills.


Targeted Organizational Departments:

The 'Effective Writing Skills for Business' course can significantly benefit the following departments:

  • Administration (improving secretary skills)
  • Management (fostering better managers communication skills)
  • Human Resources (enhancing overall communication skills training)
  • Marketing (refining business English communication skills)


Targeted Industries:

Industries that would gain the most from 'Effective Writing Skills For Business' include:

  • Consulting (requiring advanced communication skills courses)
  • Financial Services (demanding meticulous management communication skills)
  • IT Services (where better business writing skills are vital)
  • Advertising & Marketing (needing effective business English communication skills)


Course Offerings:

The 'Effective Writing Skills For Business' course will enable participants to:

  • Enhance their business English communication skills.
  • Improve their secretary and management communication skills.
  • Develop better business writing skills.
  • Experience immersive training for communication skills.
  • Gain from a comprehensive communication skills course.


Training Methodology:

The 'Effective Writing Skills For Business' course adopts an interactive and immersive approach to learning, featuring communication skills workshops, case studies, group work, feedback sessions, and hands-on training for communication skills. This is more than just a writing skills course; it's a comprehensive guide to mastering business English communication skills, management communication skills, and secretary skills. Each module focuses on practical application, giving participants the opportunity to implement their learning in real-world scenarios.


Course Toolbox:

The 'Effective Writing Skills For Business' course will provide:

  • A workbook containing practical exercises to refine your business English communication skills.
  • A toolkit to enhance secretary skills, including checklists and templates.
  • Online resources and reading materials for better business writing skills.
  • Case studies focusing on management communication skills.
  • Access to communication skills workshops.


Course Agenda:


Day 1: Understanding Purpose and Audience

  • Topic 1: Purpose and Audience Analysis: Understanding the result you want from the document, knowing your audience, and assessing their interaction with the information.
  • Topic 2: Identification of Information Needs: Understanding what information does the audience require and gauging their level of knowledge about the information.
  • Topic 3: Audience Persuasion: Does the audience need proof? How to plan writing to multiple audiences.
  • Reflection & Review: Reflect on the importance of knowing your audience and understanding their needs for effective communication.


Day 2: Drafting the Purpose Statement

  • Topic 1: Document and Communication Type: Deciding the type of document or oral communication to use in specific scenarios.
  • Topic 2: Purpose Statement Construction: Picking a verb that describes what the document does and assembling the five parts into a purpose statement.
  • Topic 3: Purpose Statement Controversies and History: How to use the purpose statement to settle controversies and an overview of how purpose statements made history.
  • Reflection & Review: Review how a well-crafted purpose statement can guide communication and resolve disputes.


Day 3: Fact Selection and Point Organization

  • Topic 1: Fact Selection: How to use the purpose statement as a guide in selecting relevant facts for your communication.
  • Topic 2: Point Writing: Writing points using short words in short sentences and evaluating points to eliminate irrelevancies and redundancies.
  • Topic 3: Point Order: Understanding how to order points for maximum impact.
  • Reflection & Review: Reflect on the importance of well-organized and relevant information in business communication.


Day 4: Draft Composition and Coherence

  • Topic 1: Draft Composition: Learn how to compose the draft body, conclusion, introduction, and if necessary, the executive summary and abstract.
  • Topic 2: Draft Review: Reviewing the draft for organization and logic, using sentence outlining techniques to improve organization.
  • Topic 3: Coherence Editing: How to edit for coherence - repeating keywords, using transition words, ensuring each paragraph begins with a point, and applying visual devices.
  • Reflection & Review: Review the importance of creating a coherent, well-structured draft.


Day 5: Editing for Clarity, Economy, and Readability

  • Topic 1: Clarity Editing: How to edit for clarity - using concrete and specific words, active voice, simplifying tense, identifying and replacing ambiguous pronouns, and more.
  • Topic 2: Economy Editing: Cutting redundancies and useless words for a concise communication.
  • Topic 3: Readability Test: Measuring readability using the Gunning Fog Index, replacing long words with short words, and breaking long sentences.
  • Reflection & Review: Reflect on the importance of clear, concise, and readable communication. Review key learnings from the course and identify areas for future development.


How This Course is Different from Other 'Effective Writing Skills For Business' Courses:

The 'Effective Writing Skills For Business' stands out as a comprehensive communication skills course that offers a unique blend of theory and practice. Unlike other communication skills courses, our course emphasizes improving secretary skills, managers communication skills, and better business writing skills. Our hands-on approach ensures you receive immersive training for communication skills, equipping you with essential tools for your professional journey. We pride ourselves in our well-rounded approach, integrating various teaching methodologies into our communication skills training.

credits: 5 credit per day

Course Mode: full-time

Provider: Agile Leaders Training Center