Interpersonal Skills for Leading Change: The Art of Managing Millennials

Inspired By Managing The Millennials: Discover the Core Competencies of Managing Today's Work Force

Managing The Millennials Overview:

Managing The Millennials is a comprehensive corporate training course that focuses on effective change management strategies and the development of essential interpersonal skills for managers. This course combines the concepts of change management training, organizational change management training, and management of change training with a strong emphasis on interpersonal skills training. Participants will gain a deep understanding of change management planning, the importance of interpersonal skills, and the roles of a manager in leading and motivating millennial employees. Additionally, the course covers analytical thinking, strategic thinking, and critical thinking strategies to enhance problem-solving abilities in a dynamic workplace environment.


Target Audience:

  • Managers and supervisors seeking to enhance their change management capabilities and adapt to the needs of millennial employees.
  • Human resources professionals involved in managing organizational change and developing interpersonal skills within their teams.
  • Professionals aiming to earn a certificate in change management to advance their career and stay competitive in the job market.


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Human Resources: HR professionals will gain insights into change management concepts, effective interpersonal skills, and strategies for managing millennials in the workplace.
  • Leadership and Management: Managers and supervisors will acquire the necessary skills to lead and motivate millennial employees through organizational change, while developing their own analytical, strategic, and critical thinking abilities.


Targeted Industries:

  • Technology: With rapid advancements and frequent organizational changes, the technology industry can benefit from effective change management and improved interpersonal skills to foster a productive work environment.
  • Financial Services: The financial sector requires managers who can navigate complex changes while understanding the importance of interpersonal skills to establish trust and collaboration with millennial employees.


Course Offerings:

Participants in Managing The Millennials will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of change management concepts and techniques.
  • Develop essential interpersonal skills to effectively communicate, collaborate, and motivate millennial employees.
  • Enhance analytical, strategic, and critical thinking strategies to solve complex problems in a rapidly changing business landscape.
  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of managers in driving successful organizational change initiatives.


Training Methodology:

Managing The Millennials employs a dynamic training approach that combines various methodologies, including:

  • Case Studies: Analyzing real-world scenarios to understand change management challenges and develop problem-solving skills.
  • Group Work: Collaborating with peers to share insights, exchange ideas, and practice interpersonal skills in a supportive environment.
  • Interactive Sessions: Engaging discussions and activities that encourage active participation and application of learned concepts.
  • Feedback Sessions: Providing constructive feedback and personalized guidance to help participants refine their interpersonal skills and change management strategies.

Course Toolbox:

  • Course Workbook: A comprehensive guide containing key concepts, exercises, and reflection questions.
  • Reading Materials: Curated resources on change management, interpersonal skills, and leadership.
  • Online Resources: Access to online platforms with additional learning materials and tools for self-paced learning.
  • Templates and Checklists: Practical tools for change management planning and implementation.
  • Interactive Simulations: Immersive simulations to practice managing change in a controlled environment.


Course Agenda:


Day 1: The Millennials Have Arrived!

Topic 1: The Millennials and You

  • The Generations at Work

  • The Coming Job Gap

  • You're So Special

Topic 2: Aren't We All Just the Same?

  • So What? Isn't Every Generation the Same?

  • Who Gets to Do the Sense-Making and Set the Rules?

Topic 3: The Effective Managers Versus the Challenged Managers

  • Mindset

  • Following Up with HR

Topic 4: The Points of Tension Between Managers and Millennials

  • The Consequence of Inexperience


Day 2: Discover the Core Competencies Needed for Managing Today's Workforce

Topic 5: When Letting Them Have It Their Way Makes Sense

  • The Millennial Intrinsic Value

  • The Bias of Experience

Topic 6: Rewarding the Right Things in the Right Ways

  • Rewarding the Right Way

  • Rewarding the Right Things

Topic 7: They Are at the Head of the Creative Class

  • Creativity and Competitive Advantage

  • Managerial Best Practices

Topic 8: First Them, Then You

  • Barriers to Engaging

Topic 9: Fragile, Handle with Care

  • Learning from Success


Day 3: It Is Not Always About You

Topic 10: It Is Not Always About You

  • Self-Differentiating is About You

Topic 11: The Big Picture Does Not Exist Until You Help Them See It

  • Learning from Failures

  • The Consequential Thinking Model

Topic 12: Ambiguity Is Their Kryptonite

  • Directing? I Thought They Wanted Autonomy

Topic 13: They Want to Know "Why" Before "What"

  • Hierarchy of Capabilities


Day 4: Your Competitive Advantage

Topic 14: Building a Millennial-Friendly Culture

  • Identify Your All-Stars and Give Them a Platform

  • Involve Your Managers in the Conversation


Day 5: Reflection and Application

Topic 15: Reflection and Application

  • Ask Millennials

  • Suspend Organizational Bias

  • Promote the Core Competencies for Managing Today's Workforce


How This Course is Different from Other Self Development Courses:

Managing The Millennials stands out from other similar courses by combining change management training with a strong focus on interpersonal skills development. This course not only equips managers with the knowledge of change management planning and the roles of a manager in driving successful change but also empowers them with effective communication, collaboration, and leadership skills needed to manage millennial employees. Additionally, the inclusion of analytical thinking, strategic thinking, and critical thinking strategies enables participants to approach change with a problem-solving mindset. With a comprehensive curriculum and interactive learning methodologies, Managing The Millennials prepares participants to effectively lead and navigate organizational change while building strong relationships with their millennial workforce.

credits: 5 credit per day

Course Mode: full-time

Provider: Agile Leaders Training Center