ISO 45001-2018: Innovative Approaches to Workplace Safety and Health Management

Derived from: Occupational Health and Safety Management system ISO 45001-2018 Standard

ISO 45001-2018: Innovative Approaches to Workplace Safety and Health Management Overview:

This comprehensive course offers a deep dive into the latest strategies and practices in Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&S). Participants will explore the nuances of implementing an effective OH&S Management System, mastering the art of reducing workplace hazards and risks, and developing a robust safety policy. Emphasis will be on creating a safety-conscious organizational culture through effective safety leadership and commitment. This course is designed to equip professionals with the skills needed for workplace safety compliance, risk assessment in occupational safety, and hazard identification and control. Additionally, it covers worker participation in safety management, legal requirements in occupational health, and safety management system planning, all geared towards fostering continuous improvement in OH&S.


Target Audience:

  • Safety Managers
  • Compliance Officers
  • HR Professionals
  • Operational Managers
  • Risk Assessment Specialists

This course addresses skill gaps in implementing safety policies, risk management, and creating a safety-focused culture.


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Health and Safety

Departments will benefit from insights into OH&S management, workplace safety compliance, and emergency preparedness.


Targeted Industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics and Transportation

These industries face unique safety challenges and will gain from focused training on hazard control and OH&S compliance.


Course Offerings:

Participants will acquire skills and knowledge in:

  • Strategies for effective OH&S Management
  • Techniques for reducing workplace hazards
  • Leadership skills for safety management
  • Developing and implementing safety policies
  • Legal and compliance aspects of OH&S
  • Emergency response and preparedness training


Training Methodology:

The course employs interactive learning methods including case studies, group discussions, and hands-on exercises. Participants will engage in risk assessment simulations, hazard identification workshops, and safety policy development sessions. The training will be reinforced with real-world examples and participatory exercises that encourage a safety-conscious culture. The use of innovative e-learning modules will cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring an impactful and comprehensive learning experience.


Course Toolbox:

  • Comprehensive OH&S Management System Guidebook
  • Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification Checklists
  • Safety Policy Development Templates
  • Access to Online OH&S Training Modules
  • Interactive Case Studies and Scenario Analysis Tools


Course Agenda:

Day 1: ISO 45001-2018 Foundations and Context

  • Topic 1: Introduction to ISO 45001-2018 and its Significance
  • Topic 2: Understanding the Scope of ISO 45001-2018 in OH&S
  • Topic 3: Key Terminology and Definitions in ISO 45001-2018
  • Topic 4: Analyzing Organizational Context for ISO 45001-2018 Compliance
  • Topic 5: Identifying Worker Needs and Expectations under ISO 45001-2018
  • Reflection & Review: Discussing the Impact of Organizational Context on ISO 45001-2018 Compliance


Day 2: Leadership and Policy in ISO 45001-2018

  • Topic 1: Leadership Roles and Responsibilities in ISO 45001-2018
  • Topic 2: Crafting an OH&S Policy Aligned with ISO 45001-2018
  • Topic 3: Organizational Structure for ISO 45001-2018 Compliance
  • Topic 4: Enhancing Worker Participation as per ISO 45001-2018
  • Topic 5: Strategic Planning for ISO 45001-2018 OH&S Management System
  • Reflection & Review: Evaluating Leadership’s Role in ISO 45001-2018 Policy Development


Day 3: Risk Management and Compliance with ISO 45001-2018

  • Topic 1: Hazard Identification Aligned with ISO 45001-2018
  • Topic 2: Risk Assessment Techniques under ISO 45001-2018
  • Topic 3: Identifying Opportunities for Improvement in OH&S
  • Topic 4: Understanding Legal Requirements in ISO 45001-2018 Context
  • Topic 5: Action Planning for Risk and Legal Compliance in ISO 45001-2018
  • Reflection & Review: Integrating Risk Management with ISO 45001-2018 Standards


Day 4: Operational Control and Emergency Preparedness

  • Topic 1: Operational Planning and Control under ISO 45001-2018
  • Topic 2: Managing Organizational Change for OH&S Improvement
  • Topic 3: Contractor Management and Outsourcing in ISO 45001-2018 Framework
  • Topic 4: Developing ISO 45001-2018 Compliant Emergency Plans
  • Topic 5: Effective Communication Strategies in ISO 45001-2018 OH&S
  • Reflection & Review: Operational Excellence in Line with ISO 45001-2018


Day 5: Performance Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

  • Topic 1: Monitoring and Measurement in ISO 45001-2018 OH&S
  • Topic 2: Auditing and Compliance Evaluation in ISO 45001-2018
  • Topic 3: Management Review Processes for ISO 45001-2018
  • Topic 4: Incident Management and Corrective Actions as per ISO Standards
  • Topic 5: Strategies for Continual Improvement under ISO 45001-2018
  • Reflection & Review: Synthesizing ISO 45001-2018 Strategies for Workplace Safety


How This Course is Different from Other ISO 45001-2018 Courses:

'Innovative Approaches to Workplace Safety and Health Management' stands out by offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. Unlike other courses, it provides an in-depth look into the latest trends and strategies in OH&S, along with hands-on training in risk assessment, policy development, and safety leadership. The course is unique in its use of interactive e-learning modules, real-world case studies, and participatory exercises. Participants will not only learn the fundamentals of OH&S management but also gain skills in implementing innovative safety solutions tailored to their specific industry needs. This course is an essential stepping stone for professionals aiming to elevate safety standards and foster a culture of continuous improvement in their organizations.

credits: 5 credit per day

Course Mode: full-time

Provider: Agile Leaders Training Center