Mastering Product Management in the Digital Age Training Course

Building High Performing Teams for Digital Product Management


'THE PRODUCT MANAGER', is an immersive corporate training course meticulously crafted for those interested in the realms of product management. This certified product manager course emphasizes key concepts of software product management, digital product management, and AI product management, making it one of the best product manager courses available. Incorporating an exclusive blend of theoretical learning and practical application, it assures product manager training certification upon successful completion. Here, we make you ready for a world that's increasingly driven by products and platforms, catering to both technical and non-technical backgrounds.


Target Audience:

  • Current and aspiring product managers
  • Business analysts interested in expanding their roles
  • Software engineers aiming for a shift towards product management
  • Data analysts looking for a broader business perspective
  • Project managers seeking to enhance their skillsets
  • UX designers wanting to understand product management dynamics


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Product Development: Better understand the entire product lifecycle
  • Marketing: Learn how to plan and execute effective go-to-market strategies
  • IT: Gain a deep understanding of software product management and AI product management
  • Sales: Understand the product in-depth to improve selling strategies
  • Customer Service: Understand the product thoroughly to better resolve customer issues


Targeted Industries:

  • Tech and IT: With segments like the best AI product manager course and software product manager course, tech professionals can stay at the cutting edge
  • E-Commerce: Learn how to manage digital products effectively
  • Finance: Learn to manage financial products and digital transformation in finance
  • Healthcare: Handle healthcare products and the sector's unique challenges more effectively


Course Offerings:

  • In-depth understanding of product lifecycle management
  • Certified product manager training for industry-recognized certification
  • Hands-on experience with Agile methodologies
  • Techniques to develop customer empathy and integrate user feedback into product development
  • Strategies to develop and execute effective go-to-market plans
  • Training on data-driven decision making and metrics tracking


Training Methodology:

Our training methodology incorporates a mix of lectures, case studies, interactive group activities, and hands-on sessions. The digital product manager training uses real-life case studies to illustrate the application of theoretical concepts. Peer feedback sessions promote knowledge sharing and help participants gain multiple perspectives. Additionally, the AI product manager course is taught by experienced professionals who bring real-world experiences to the classroom.


Course Toolbox:

  • Product roadmap templates for clear product direction
  • Feature prioritization techniques for effective backlog management
  • User interview guides to help garner valuable user insights
  • Introduction to commonly used product management software like Jira, Confluence, Trello
  • Detailed guides and templates for AI-related software and tools as part of the AI product manager course


Course Agenda:


Day 1: Introduction to Product Management & Building Essential Skills

  • Introducing the 'Product Manager Course'
  • Understanding the role and goals of a Product Manager
  • The thought experiment Product Managers can use to figure out what skills to build
  • The top 3 most important objectives as a Product Manager
  • What Product Managers should focus on early in their roles
  • How Product Managers are like sports coaches
  • The 3 most fundamental skills a success PM should have


Day 2: Technical Skills & Overcoming the Non-Technical Background Barrier

  • Understanding the 'Software Product Manager Course' and 'AI Product Manager Course'
  • Whether a technical background is necessary for success at Product Management
  • Specific product design skills to learn as a Product Manager
  • How a Product Manager could compensate for a non-technical background
  • How to excel as a non-technical PM
  • What it means for a PM to be analytically skilled


Day 3: Measuring Success & Learning from Mistakes

  • The importance of measurement in the 'Product Manager Training Course'
  • The 5 top career metrics he uses to track PM own success
  • The top four metrics PM uses to measure success
  • Learning from past mistakes
  • What PM learns from the mistakes he/she make


Day 4: Internships, Early Career, and Transitions

  • A deep dive into the 'Certified Product Manager Course'
  • The 3 important skills for interns to learn
  • Valuable things to do as a young Product Management
  • Whether you should jump into a PM role immediately after graduation
  • Transition from consulting to Product Management


Day 5: Landing a Job and Excelling as a Product Manager

  • The most crucial part of the 'Best Product Manager Course'
  • How to get a job as a Product Manager
  • How to landed a job as a PM at Techgaint without a technical background
  • How to influence your team without authority
  • What it means to be an advocate for the user


How This Course is Different from Other PRODUCT MANAGER Courses:

'THE PRODUCT MANAGER' stands out due to its comprehensive curriculum that blends traditional and modern elements of product management, like the best AI product manager course. The course’s format caters to the evolving needs of various industries, helping it differentiate from typical product manager training courses. With both technical product manager training and more general product manager training programs, this course equips participants with a broader skillset, thus enhancing their career prospects.

credits: 5 credit per day

Course Mode: full-time

Provider: Agile Leaders Training Center