Mastering Talent Management: The HR Business Partner’s Guide to Talent Management

Inspired by: "Financial Times Briefing" on Talent Management

Talent Management Overview:

The role of talent management in today's business environment has become crucial to success. This talent management course focuses on providing HR professionals with advanced tools and strategies to succeed in this dynamic role. HR Business Partners and others in HR roles will be equipped with skills in managing human capital and using HR metrics and KPIs to measure success. The course will offer insight into talent manager courses and highlight the importance of HR training in optimizing workforce potential.


Target Audience:

  • HR Managers who want to evolve into effective HR Business Partners.
  • Talent Managers aiming to enhance their talent management skills.
  • Senior leaders interested in managing human capital more effectively.
  • HR professionals who want to better understand HR metrics and HR KPIs.
  • Those exploring the differences between human resources and human capital.


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Human Resources: As they are directly involved in talent management courses.
  • Talent Management: For understanding how to strategize and measure talent effectively.
  • Senior Leadership: To better understand the role of an HR business partner.
  • Training and Development: For a more focused approach towards HR training.


Targeted Industries:

  • Technology: Rapid growth in this sector has increased the need for effective talent management.
  • Healthcare: Retention and effective utilization of human capital are key challenges here.
  • Retail: High turnover rates demand effective talent management strategies.
  • Consulting: The demand for HR professionals skilled in managing human capital is high.


Course Offerings:

  • Comprehensive understanding of talent management.
  • Hands-on HR training to implement talent management strategies.
  • Understanding and implementing HR metrics and HR KPIs.
  • Clarity on the roles and responsibilities of an HR business partner.
  • Insights into managing human capital effectively.


Training Methodology:

In this talent management course, participants will be engaged in interactive sessions, case studies, and group work. They will be guided on HR training best practices and will explore training for HR through a variety of methods. The course will also utilize real-world HR metrics and KPIs for practical understanding and application.


Course Toolbox:

  • A detailed workbook covering all aspects of talent management courses.
  • Case studies focusing on HR metrics, HR KPIs and HR Business Partner scenarios.
  • Tools and templates to develop a robust talent management strategy.
  • Reading materials on human capital vs human resources.
  • Online resources and references for further learning and application.


Course Agenda:

Day 1: Understanding Talent Management and Developing a Strategy

• Topic 1: Introduction to Talent Management

• Topic 2: The War for Talent: Why Talent Management Matters?

• Topic 3: Understanding the Context of Talent Management: External, Workforce, Organizational, Employer

• Reflection & Review: Reflecting on the importance and context of talent management


Day 2: Risks, Rewards, and Realities of Talent Management

• Topic 1: Why Talent Management? Exploring Risks and Rewards

• Topic 2: Costs and Benefits of Talent Management

• Topic 3: Developing a Talent Management Strategy

• Reflection & Review: Reflecting on the risks, rewards, and the importance of strategic planning in talent management


Day 3: Implementing Talent Management

• Topic 1: Who's Doing It? An overview of successful Talent Management models

• Topic 2: How to Do It: A step-by-step guide to Recruit, Nurture, Retain Talent

• Topic 3: Understanding Talent Demographics

• Reflection & Review: Reflection on the practicalities of implementing a talent management strategy


Day 4: Managing and Measuring Talent

• Topic 1: How to Manage Talent: Engagement, VIDI, Individual peak performance

• Topic 2: Removing Obstacles in Talent Management

• Topic 3: How to Measure Talent: Core Skills, Compliance, Competitive Advantage, Process Improvement

• Reflection & Review: Reflecting on methods of managing and measuring talent


Day 5: Communicating and Assessing Talent Management

• Topic 1: How to Talk About Talent Management: Different audiences and approaches

• Topic 2: Executive Intervention in Talent Management

• Topic 3: Assessing Success in Talent Management

• Reflection & Review: Reflecting on the importance of effective communication and evaluation in talent management


How This Course is Different from Other Human Capital Courses:

Our Talent Management course is unique as it covers the entire spectrum of talent management courses with a particular focus on the HR business partner's role. We go beyond typical HR courses, providing an in-depth understanding of HR metrics, HR KPIs, and the crucial difference between human capital vs human resources. Our course is a comprehensive blend of theory and hands-on training for HR, designed to equip HR professionals with everything they need to manage talent effectively.

credits: 5 credit per day

Course Mode: full-time

Provider: Agile Leaders Training Center