Maximizing Employee Potentials: Performance Measuring, Training, and Coaching


Performance Management Training Course Overview:

This comprehensive course combines performance management principles, high-performance leadership, and training strategies to help organizations optimize employee performance. Explore the relationship between training needs and performance gaps, learn effective coaching techniques, and discover how performance management and training are intertwined. Enhance your skills in measuring team performance and develop a performance management training program that empowers supervisors. Understand the impact of training on employee performance and gain insights into training and development best practices. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with practical tools to drive performance improvement and foster a culture of high performance.


Target Audience:

  • HR Professionals
  • Training and Development Specialists
  • Supervisors and Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Learning and Development Managers

This course is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their expertise in performance management, high-performance leadership, and training strategies. It is ideal for HR professionals responsible for implementing performance management initiatives and supervisors looking to improve team performance. Participants should have a foundational understanding of performance management concepts and a desire to enhance their skills to drive organizational success.


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Human Resources
  • Learning and Development
  • Leadership and Management
  • Operations

This course is beneficial for departments responsible for talent management, training, leadership development, and performance optimization. HR teams can leverage the knowledge gained to design and implement effective performance management systems. Learning and development departments can enhance their training programs, and leaders can cultivate high-performance cultures within their organizations.


Targeted Industries:

  • Corporate Sector
  • Government Organizations
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Educational Institutions

This course is relevant across industries, including finance, technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. Organizations in these sectors can benefit from performance management strategies, high-performance leadership techniques, and training programs to improve employee performance and drive organizational success. It is also valuable for government organizations, non-profits, and educational institutions aiming to enhance employee performance and achieve their respective missions.


Course Offerings:

  • Understanding Performance Management Fundamentals
  • Measuring Team Performance and Identifying Training Needs
  • High-Performance Leadership Principles
  • Designing and Implementing Performance Management Training Programs
  • Coaching Techniques for Supervisors
  • The Relationship between Performance Management and Training & Development
  • Assessing the Impact of Training on Employee Performance

Participants will gain the knowledge and skills to effectively implement performance management initiatives, design and deliver training programs, and foster a culture of high performance within their organizations.


Training Methodology:

The Performance Management Training Course incorporates various interactive training methodologies to maximize learning and engagement. Participants will experience:

  • Case studies highlighting real-world performance management scenarios
  • Group work to encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas
  • Interactive sessions for discussions and sharing experiences
  • Feedback sessions to provide individual and group insights

This comprehensive approach ensures a dynamic and immersive learning experience, enabling participants to apply the concepts and techniques learned to their specific organizational contexts.


Course Toolbox:

Participants attending the Performance Management Training Course will receive a comprehensive course toolbox, including:

  • Course workbooks with in-depth content and exercises
  • Recommended reading materials and online resources for further exploration
  • Performance management templates and checklists for practical application
  • Innovative coaching tools and techniques for high-performance training and coaching

These resources will support participants in implementing performance management strategies, developing training programs, and driving employee performance improvement within their organizations.


Course Agenda:


Day 1: The Background to Performance Management 

  • Topic 1: The Background to Performance Management
  • Topic 2: The Foundations of Performance Management
  • Topic 3: Performance management defined
  • Topic 4: A short history of performance management
  • Topic 5: Merit rating
  • Topic 6: Management by objectives
  • Reflection & Review: Reflecting on the day's learnings and reviewing key points related to performance management training.


Day 2: Performance Management Training and Coaching 

  • Topic 7: Developments in assessment techniques
  • Topic 8: Performance appraisal (1970s version)
  • Topic 9: Enter performance management
  • Topic 10: Why performance management?
  • Topic 11: Comparison of different approaches
  • Topic 12: High performance training and coaching
  • Reflection & Review: Reflecting on the day's learnings and reviewing key points related to performance management training.


Day 3: Performance Management Training Program 

  • Topic 13: Performance Management Systems
  • Topic 14: Performance management defined
  • Topic 15: Objectives of performance management
  • Topic 16: Principles of performance management
  • Topic 17: Characteristics of performance management
  • Topic 18: The performance management cycle
  • Reflection & Review: Reflecting on the day's learnings and reviewing key points related to performance management training.


Day 4: Performance Management Training for Supervisors 

  • Topic 19: Managing Performance Management
  • Topic 20: How should performance management be managed?
  • Topic 21: What needs to be managed?
  • Topic 22: The approach to managing performance management
  • Topic 23: Performance management documentation
  • Topic 24: Performance management training for supervisors
  • Reflection & Review: Reflecting on the day's learnings and reviewing key points related to performance management training.


Day 5: Training for Performance Management

  • Topic 25: How is performance management related to training and development?
  • Topic 26: Training to improve employee performance
  • Topic 27: Training on employee performance
  • Topic 28: Training and development on employee performance
  • Topic 29: Employee performance management training
  • Topic 30: The impact of training on employee performance
  • Reflection & Review: Reflecting on the day's learnings and reviewing key points related to performance management training.


How This Course is Different from Other Performance Management Courses:

The Performance Management Training Course distinguishes itself through its comprehensive approach that covers the background, foundations, conceptual framework, critiques, and practical aspects of performance management. It provides participants with a deep understanding of the theories, values, and contextual factors that underpin performance management. Additionally, the course addresses critiques of performance management, allowing participants to explore different perspectives and potential implications. The practical sessions focus on performance management systems, managing under-performance, performance management processes (goal setting, feedback, 360-degree feedback, performance reviews, analysing and assessing performance, coaching), and the unique challenges faced by line managers. By covering these diverse topics, this course equips participants with a holistic understanding of performance management and the necessary skills to implement effective performance management practices in their organizations.

credits: 5 credit per day

Course Mode: full-time

Provider: Agile Leaders Training Center