Operational Risk Management: From Basic Concepts to Advanced Strategies

Inspired by: ONB & FMA'S Guidelines on Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Management Overview:

Operational Risk Management (ORM) is a crucial element in the broader context of enterprise risk management. This comprehensive risk management course delves into the critical aspects of managing and mitigating operational risks in project management. Our ORM training serves as an operational risk management basic course, offering both foundational and advanced risk management knowledge. Professionals can look forward to acquiring risk planning skills, understanding the risk management plan project management requires, and learning about compliance and risk management. Our certification in compliance and risk management ensures that participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle modern-day challenges and complexities in risk management.


Target Audience:

  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Compliance Officers
  • Project Managers
  • Auditors
  • Anyone looking to acquire a certification in compliance and risk management


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Operations
  • Audit
  • Project Management


Targeted Industries:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Construction


Course Offerings:

  • Comprehensive understanding of enterprise risk management
  • Skills in risk planning in project management
  • Knowledge of compliance and risk management
  • Certification in compliance and risk management
  • Training in risk assessment and management


Training Methodology:

This operational risk management training will employ various methodologies, ranging from interactive sessions to case studies and group work. There will also be training risk assessment sessions where participants will learn how to identify and assess potential risks in their operations. We will also provide feedback sessions where learners can gauge their understanding of the operational risks in project management. This comprehensive approach ensures that learners gain hands-on experience in managing risks.


Course Toolbox:

Participants will receive:

  • Comprehensive workbooks
  • Checklists for risk assessment
  • Templates for risk management planning
  • Software tools for operational risk management
  • Access to online resources and reading materials


Course Agenda:


Day 1: Introduction and Fundamentals of Operational Risk Management

  • Topic 1: Causes and Definition of Operational Risk
  • Topic 2: Characteristics and Importance of Operational Risk
  • Topic 3: Introduction to Operational Risk Management Methods
  • Topic 4: Organizational Framework Conditions for Operational Risk Management
  • Reflection and Review


Day 2: Risk Identification, Assessment, and Treatment

  • Topic 5: Step-by-step Introduction of Operational Risk Management
  • Topic 6: Operational Risk Management as a Cycle
  • Topic 7: Risk Identification and Assessment
  • Topic 8: Risk Treatment Approaches
  • Reflection and Review


Day 3: Risk Control and Management across Organizations

  • Topic 9: Risk Control Mechanisms
  • Topic 10: Role of Communication and Information in Risk Reporting
  • Topic 11: Company-wide Risk Management
  • Topic 12: Operational Risk Management in Smaller Banks and Securities Firms
  • Reflection and Review


Day 4: Specific Measures and Methods of Operational Risk Management

  • Topic 13: Systems: Infrastructure and Information Technology
  • Topic 14: Managing Risks in Business Processes
  • Topic 15: Staff and External Events: Risks and Measures
  • Topic 16: Understanding and Managing Legal Risk
  • Reflection and Review


Day 5: Capital Standards and Regulatory Requirements

  • Topic 17: Basel II: Requirements and Capital Standards in Different Approaches
  • Topic 18: Basic Indicator Approach and Standardized Approach
  • Topic 19: Advanced Measurement Approaches
  • Topic 20: Capital Requirements for Covering Operational Risk of Investment Firms
  • Reflection and Review


How This Course is Different from Other Operational Risk Management Courses:

Our course offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It does not just provide a basic understanding; instead, it takes learners through the advanced risk management concepts. The certification in compliance and risk management offered adds credibility and enhances the professional stature of the learners. The emphasis on hands-on learning through case studies, group work, and feedback sessions further sets this course apart.

credits: 5 credit per day

Course Mode: full-time

Provider: Agile Leaders Training Center