Orientation & Onboarding: The Complete HR Operations Course

Orientation & Onboarding: An Advanced HR Courses for Professionals

New Employees Orientation and Onboarding Overview:

The 'New Employees Orientation and Onboarding' course is an inclusive and dynamic platform for individuals keen on learning about HR and the key concepts and operations in the field. It is a comprehensive training for HR professionals, designed to enhance the skills of HR professionals, from an HR assistant to HR manager. By attending this course, you can expect to be well-versed with HR operations and the role of an HR business partner. This HR certification program is among the best HR certificate programs and includes HR short courses, an HR analyst course, and certification courses in HR. It is a powerful opportunity to develop your HR skills, getting trained for HR operations and learning to work with HR KPIs effectively.


Target Audience:

  • HR Managers seeking HR manager certifications and hr manager courses
  • HR Professionals looking for training and certification in HR operations and HR KPIs
  • HR Assistants exploring hr assistant roles and seeking to improve their HR skills
  • HR Analysts desiring to understand the role of an HR data analyst


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Human Resources for refining HR operations and understanding HR KPIs
  • Learning and Development for designing and delivering HR training programs
  • Management, to understand the role of HR business partners and improve HR management training


Targeted Industries:

  • Any industry with a dedicated HR department, such as:
    • Technology, where constant upskilling and reskilling necessitate effective HR courses online and offline
    • Healthcare, where stringent regulations require in-depth HR policies and robust HR operations
    • Retail, where HR professionals may benefit from HR short courses to handle high employee turnover


Course Offerings:

  • Understanding HR operations and the skills for HR professionals
  • Gaining knowledge about HR KPIs and their significance
  • Exploring HR certification programs and their benefits
  • Understanding the role of business partner HR and HR business partnership


Training Methodology:

The 'New Employees Orientation and Onboarding' course combines various methodologies like interactive sessions, case studies, group work, and feedback sessions. Through HR job training and training for HR professionals, participants will learn about HR KPIs, HR certification programs, and the importance of HR business partnership. The training will also include HR courses online, where the participants will engage in various HR short courses, making the program versatile and accessible.


Course Toolbox:

  • A comprehensive workbook providing information on the course of HR
  • HR policies templates and HR KPIs checklist
  • Case studies and group work related to HR operations and HR business partnership
  • Access to HR online courses for continuing learning


Course Agenda:


Day 1: Introduction & Identifying Orientation Needs

  • Topic 1: How to Use This Course Effectively

    • Understanding how and why people learn
    • Introducing HR operations and HR skills
  • Topic 2: Identifying the Orientation Needs of New Employees

    • Learning styles and perceptual modes
    • The changing organizational environment
  • Reflection & Review: Discuss the importance of understanding how people learn, and the key requirements for new employee orientation in current HR operations.


Day 2: Designing an Interactive Programme & Preparing for a New Employee Orientation Programme

  • Topic 3: Designing an Interactive Programme

    • Purpose and goals of the programme
    • Elements of an effective orientation programme
    • HR certification courses and their role in an effective programme
  • Topic 4: Preparing for a New Employee Orientation Programme

    • Facilitator responsibilities
    • Using questioning techniques and providing feedback
  • Reflection & Review: Discuss the elements that make an orientation programme effective. Explore how HR certification courses can be integrated into these programmes.


Day 3: Facilitating a New Employee Orientation Programme & Evaluating Your Programme

  • Topic 5: Facilitating a New Employee Orientation Programme

    • Ways to encourage participation
    • Dealing with problem situations and participants
  • Topic 6: Evaluating Your New Employee Orientation Programme

    • Purposes of evaluation
    • What to evaluate, including HR KPIs
  • Reflection & Review: Reflect on how to handle different situations when facilitating a programme. Discuss how HR KPIs can be used in programme evaluation.


Day 4: Delivering a Training Room-Based Orientation Programme & Conducting a Departmental Orientation

  • Topic 7: Delivering a Training Room-Based Orientation Programme at the Organization Level

    • One-Day Sample Agenda
    • Two-Day Sample Agenda
  • Topic 8: Conducting a Departmental Orientation

    • Goals of the departmental orientation process
    • Preparation for the employee's arrival and first week
  • Reflection & Review: Reflect on how an orientation programme can be delivered effectively in different contexts, including organization level and departmental level.


Day 5: Delivering Distance Orientation & Helpful Checklists and Other Tools

  • Topic 9: Delivering Distance Orientation

    • Special considerations
    • Content and delivery methods for HR online courses
  • Topic 10: Learning Activities

  • Topic 11: Helpful Checklists and Other Tools

  • Reflection & Review: Discuss the specific considerations for delivering distance orientation, such as HR online courses. Review the learning activities and resources discussed throughout the course.


How This Course is Different from Other HR Courses:

The 'New Employees Orientation and Onboarding' course not only offers comprehensive training for HR professionals but also provides a holistic understanding of HR operations and HR KPIs. Unlike other similar courses, it offers unique HR certification programs including HR short courses, an HR analyst course, and courses in HR management. This course is designed for the current market trends, addressing the needs of HR business partners, HR assistants, and HR managers. The incorporation of HR courses online adds to its accessibility and reach.

credits: 5 credit per day

Course Mode: full-time

Provider: Agile Leaders Training Center