Primavera P6 Professional Project Management

The course covers Primavera functions. These functions are used to ensure that the project runs as planned. It also ensure that objectives are achieved and the project is completed according to specifications, on time and on budget

Take Control of Your Projects with Primavera P6 Professional

Oracle's Primavera P6 Professional Project Management course helps project managers achieve control over their schedules, costs, and business performance. The course provides an in-depth overview of the automation features in Oracle Primavera P6 Professional. The course also covers the scheduling tools that help increase productivity.

This course provides hands-on training on software project management course.

 Participants will get an introduction to project and program management. Participants will also get comprehensive coverage of project planning, control, and scheduling concepts with Primavera. The course includes practical working models that create and track the entire project through to completion. 
The course covers Primavera functions. These functions are used to ensure that the project runs as planned. It also ensure that objectives are achieved and the project is completed according to specifications, on time and on budget.

Target Audience for This Primavera P6 Course

  • Project Managers

  • Project Schedulers

  • Project Controllers

  • Engineers

  • Project Cost Controllers

  • Anyone else who wishes to learn the fundamentals of Primavera P6.\\


Targeted Organizational Departments for Primavera P6 Course

  • Project Management Office.

  • Project Units.


Targeted Industries for Primavera P6 Course

  • Any Sector or Industry that work in Project-Based Business Environment.


Learning Impact and Outcomes of Primavera P6 Course

By the end of this course participant will be able to:

  • Understand all of the basic project management concepts.

  • Successfully develop a project plan, ranging from small to mega projects.

  • Master Project Management Skills

  • Use Primavera Application effectively.


Training Methodology:

Training is undertaken through lectures assisted by audio & visual presentations.  

Trainee participation is ensured through assignments, role-plays. Case studies also will be discussed to help the audience with the training content.  

Trainees are also encouraged to share their workplace experiences, and these are discussed in detail by the trainer to enhance learning.


Course Toolbox:

  • Primavera P6 Project Management Software 14 Days Trail.

  • Reading Lists.

  • course materials.


Course Agenda:


Day (1) Project Management Fundamentals Course

  • Fundamentals of Projects, Project Management.

  • Portfolio Management, Multi Project Environment.

  • High Level Review of Primavera:

  1. Organizational Breakdown Structure.

  2. Enterprise Project Structure.

  3. Enterprise portfolios.

  4. Work Break Down structure.

  5. WBS Categories in Primavera P6.

  6. Calendar.

  7. Resources.

  8. Expenses categories.


Day (2) Costs and Work Breakdown Structures

  • Project Cost & Cost Types.

  • Project Resources & Resources Types.

  • Primavera: Scheduling using Critical Path Method (CPM).

  • Scheduling Resources on Multiple Projects.

  • Project Baseline.

  • Project Tracking: How to Track and Manage Projects.

  • New Project Creation, project details, Coding structure.

  • WBS Creation, WBS details, Coding structure.

  • Activity creation, details and Coding structure.


Day (3) Duration and Risk Management

  • Duration Types

  • Adding Resources

  • Adding Expenses

  • Adding and Assigning New Currency

  • Assigning Resources and Reviewing Resource Allocation

  • Risk Identification

  • Issue Management

  • Formatting:

  1. Group, Sorts and Layouts

  2. Filtering in Primavera P6

  3. Printing, Exporting and Importing

  4. Building & Customizing Layouts on Primavera


Day (4) Earned Value Management

  • Earned Value Management (EVM) Basics

  • Using SPI/CPI to Analyze Project Efficiency

  • Using SPI/CPI to Calculate Estimate to Complete (ETC)

  • Methods of Performance Factors

  • Cost Bassline scenarios

  • Layout 1 – Earned Value Analysis

  • Layout 2 – Estimate to Complete


Day (5) The Project Budget

  • Assigning funding sources

  • Project calculations

  • Establishing project Spending plan

  • Establishing project budget

  • Budget reports

  • Budget logs

  • Global Change


P6 & Agile Project Management Training Courses

 Many project managers and schedulers today want to gain more control over their projects. managers however, are struggling with tools that don't meet the challenge. 

Primavera P6 Professional Project Management from Oracle can help. P6 is a powerful tool that blends strong schedule analysis with robust reporting capabilities. The result will be the leverage you need to effectively manage your work and stay on top of your deadlines.

We designed this course to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to use Primavera P6 effectively and efficiently. You will learn how to manage projects and programs using the tools available in Primavera P6 Professional. 
The course covers all aspects of project. These include planning, scheduling, cost management, risk management, quality management, procurement management, resource management and other related topics.
This course is more than just a Project management fundamentals course since it includes a lot of agile approaches.
This course is one of the Project Management Office Training Courses
The Project Management Office (PMO) is an essential part of any company’s operations. According to PMI's 2017 Pulse of the Profession report. Companies that align their wide PMO to strategy had 38 per cent more projects that meet original goals and business intent. They also had 33 per cent fewer projects deemed failures.
PMO make sure company procedures, practices and operations go right — on time, on budget and all in the same way.
A PMO is there to ensure project and program success. This aspect is critical because organizations deliver value through projects and programs. How they do that depends upon how they’re situated within the organization.
This is also an agile project management course That help reaching a high performance project management practice.

This course is one of the most practical Project Portfolio Management Training Courses.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a critical aspect of modern business, yet it remains a relatively new concept. PPM is an approach that can help you manage projects more effectively. It identifies which projects will bring the most value to your organization and how they will fit into your overall vision.

This course will give participants the required tools to implement PPM into their organization. This will allow them to streamline processes and make better decisions about which projects are better to invest in. 

This course will teach you how to use Primavera P6 Professional to improve your project performance. We will cover all key concepts in detail, including Agile Project Management, Resource Management, Cost Management and Scheduling. We will also show you how this software can be used as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. 
This is vital for organizations that require integrated business processes across departments such as finance, human resources and manufacturing operations. Because it will help them Setting standard for high performance.



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