Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Training Course

Guided With: Asian Development Bank’s Public-Private Partnership

Public-Private Partnership Training Course Overview:

Welcome to the ultimate Public-Private Partnership Training Course. With rising global economic issues that affect investment markets, there's never been a more critical time to understand how public and private sectors can collaborate. This course aims to provide greater efficiency in manufacturing, greater energy efficiency, and offer solutions to technical issues. You will learn about the legal framework for infrastructure privatization, contracts management, and project financing methods. We will cover Requirements and Expectations in various sectors, focusing on international project financing and large project financing options, including solar and power project financing structures.


Target Audience:

  • Public Policy Makers
  • Corporate Strategy Managers
  • Contracts Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Energy Efficiency Consultants
  • Investment Analysts

This course will help you grasp the complexities of technical issues, legal frameworks, and project financing, addressing gaps in understanding Requirements and Expectations.


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Public Affairs
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Project Implementation Unit
  • Finance Department


Targeted Industries:

  • Energy (focus on energy efficiency events in greater Birmingham)
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing (with a focus on greater efficiency in manufacturing key details)
  • Consulting (management consulting contracts)
  • Financial Institutions (who issues commercial paper?)


Course Offerings:

Participants will gain:

  1. An understanding of different types of legal framework and contracts management solutions.
  2. Strategies for greater productivity and efficiency in public-private partnerships.
  3. Case studies on economic and social issues related to infrastructure privatization.
  4. Skills on how to solve technical issues.


Training Methodology:

Our training methodology involves interactive sessions, case studies, group work, and feedback sessions. The course will leverage real-life examples of technical issues and illustrate contracts management job descriptions to provide practical experience. Different project financing sources and project financing training materials will be used for a deeper understanding of international project financing.


Course Toolbox:

  • Legal Framework Guide
  • Contracts Management Certification Prep Material
  • Efficiency Metrics Toolkit
  • Technical Issues Troubleshooting Checklist
  • Project Financing Templates


Course Agenda:

Day 1: Foundations of Public-Private Partnerships

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Public–Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • Topic 2: Defining Public–Private Partnerships
  • Topic 3: Motivation for Engaging in PPPs
  • Topic 4: Mobilization of Private Capital
  • Topic 5: PPP as a Tool for Greater Efficiency
  • Reflection & Review: Discuss the foundational concepts of PPPs and their benefits.


Day 2: Historical Perspective and Social Considerations

  • Topic 1: Recent Experience with Infrastructure Privatization and PPPs
  • Topic 2: Level and Form of Infrastructure Privatization/PPPs from 1990–2004
  • Topic 3: Incorporating Local and Regional Investment Sources
  • Topic 4: Incorporating Social Priorities
  • Topic 5: Structuring a PPP: Sector Diagnostic and Sector Road Map
  • Reflection & Review: Evaluate the effectiveness and limitations of past PPP projects and infrastructure privatizations.


Day 3: Legal and Institutional Framework

  • Topic 1: Legal, Regulatory, and Policy Framework for PPPs
  • Topic 2: Institutional Structures and Capacity
  • Topic 3: Commercial, Financial, and Economic Issues in PPPs
  • Topic 4: Stakeholder Consultation
  • Topic 5: Government Commitment and Designated Champion
  • Reflection & Review: Discuss the importance of legal, financial, and institutional planning in PPPs.


Day 4: Contractual Aspects of PPPs

  • Topic 1: Available PPP Options
  • Topic 2: Service Contract and Management Contracts
  • Topic 3: Afterimage or Lease Contracts
  • Topic 4: Build–Operate–Transfer and Similar Arrangements
  • Topic 5: Joint Venture and Hybrid Arrangements
  • Reflection & Review: Understand different contract types and arrangements in PPPs.


Day 5: Implementation and Assessment

  • Topic 1: PPP Preparatory Work
  • Topic 2: Implementing PPPs
  • Topic 3: Pro-Poor Activities in PPPs
  • Topic 4: Framework for Measuring, Monitoring, and Reporting on Results
  • Topic 5: Resources and Tools for PPP Implementation
  • Reflection & Review: Summarize key learnings, best practices, and next steps in PPPs.


How This Course is Different from Other Public-Private Partnership Courses:

Unlike other courses, we address not just the 'what' but also the 'how'—from addressing technical issues to exploring various project financing methods, to certifications in contracts management. Our focus extends from economic and social issues to international project financing, making it a one-stop-shop for all your needs.



credits: 5 credit per day

Course Mode: full-time

Provider: Agile Leaders Training Center