Strategic Approaches to Governance, Risk Management & Compliance: A Comprehensive Course

Derived from: John Wiley & Sons's Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

Strategic Approaches to Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance: A Comprehensive Course Overview:

The realm of corporate operations is complex, and mastering the areas of Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) is crucial for every organization. This comprehensive course, aptly titled 'Strategic Approaches to Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance', offers participants deep insights into why GRC matters and the intrinsic connection between corporate culture and ethical business practices. By understanding and appreciating the direct costs of non-compliance, you will harness the power of integrity in governance. You'll also gain insights into tone at the top, the impacts of SOX 404, and the essentials of financial reporting controls. This course serves as an essential GRC training module, setting you on a path to Risk Management certification. Whether you're looking at strengthening operational performance controls, understanding CEO compensation debates, or delving into shareholder activism in governance, this course is a comprehensive guide.


Target Audience:

  • CEOs and Top-Level Executives
  • Risk Managers and Compliance Officers
  • Board of Directors
  • Operational Managers
  • IT Managers overseeing governance controls
  • HR personnel overseeing corporate culture training
  • Finance executives interested in financial reporting standards
  • Ethics officers implementing ethical business practices


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Risk and Compliance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Strategy and Planning


Targeted Industries:

The finance sector, with its intricate risk management challenges and regulatory failures; the IT industry, requiring robust governance controls; manufacturing sectors with their compliance demands; and any industry where the debate around CEO compensation is prevalent, will significantly benefit from this course.


Course Offerings:

Participants will acquire skills and knowledge in:

  • Understand the integral components of GRC and their organizational implications.
  • Dive deep into corporate culture and its direct connection to governance.
  • Explore the intricacies of financial reporting controls.
  • Enhance CEO oversight in risk management.
  • Delve into the societal responsibility of companies and its significance.
  • Master the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) application techniques.
  • Grasp the operational performance controls and their application.
  • Understand the board of directors' responsibilities in effective governance.
  • Take part in a comprehensive GRC training course for hands-on experience.


Training Methodology:

This course utilizes a blend of interactive sessions, real-life case studies, group discussions, and actionable feedback sessions. Participants will explore real-world scenarios of corporate cultural failures, delve into financial reporting through engaging activities, and participate in lively debates on CEO compensation. The 'ERM training course' section will see attendees working on practical projects, applying the techniques firsthand. Every module encourages active participation, ensuring a holistic and impactful learning experience.


Course Toolbox:

  • Comprehensive workbook on GRC principles.
  • Interactive software for simulating risk management scenarios.
  • Reading materials on corporate culture and governance.
  • Online resources and databases for financial reporting standards.
  • Checklists and templates for operational performance controls.
  • Case studies on CEO compensation debates and board effectiveness.


Course Agenda:

Day 1: Foundations of Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC)

  • Topic 1: Introduction to GRC: What is it, and Why Does It Matter?
  • Topic 2: Diving into Corporate Culture: What Shapes an Organization?
  • Topic 3: Lessons from the Past: Cultural Failures in Governance.
  • Topic 4: Celebrating Successes: Companies That Excelled in GRC.
  • Topic 5: Transparency in Operations: Being Legal, Honest, and Candid.
  • Reflection & Review: Understanding the Essence of GRC and its Impact on Business.


Day 2: Ethics, Compliance, and Cost Management in Business

  • Topic 1: The Essence of Ethical Practices: Unpacking Ethics Programs.
  • Topic 2: Tone at the Top: Why Leadership's Ethical Stance Matters.
  • Topic 3: The Financial Angle: Direct and Indirect Costs of Compliance.
  • Topic 4: Learning from Case Studies: Major Mistakes and How Some Companies Got It Right.
  • Topic 5: Cost-Effective Compliance: Strategies and Rewards.
  • Reflection & Review: Assessing the Value and Impact of Ethics and Compliance.


Day 3: Risk Management Essentials and Organizational Responses

  • Topic 1: Financial Systems and Risk: Understanding the Near Meltdown.
  • Topic 2: Risk Management Deep Dive: Risk Classification and ERM.
  • Topic 3: Case Studies: Merrill Lynch's Approach and Board's Oversight.
  • Topic 4: Implementation in Focus: Successful ERM Rollouts and Common Pitfalls.
  • Topic 5: Control Frameworks: The Importance of Internal Controls and SOX 404.
  • Reflection & Review: Identifying and Responding to Risks at Multiple Organizational Levels.


Day 4: Boards, Strategy, and Organizational Dynamics

  • Topic 1: Board Dynamics: Focus, Responsibilities, and Effective Structures.
  • Topic 2: Societal Dimensions: The Responsibility of Companies and Strategy Oversight.
  • Topic 3: CEOs and Their Roles: Compensation Debates and Succession Planning.
  • Topic 4: Tackling Crisis: Proactive Management and Organizational Response.
  • Topic 5: Performance Mastery: Measurement Techniques and Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Reflection & Review: The Interplay of Board Decisions, Strategy, and Performance.


Day 5: Power Dynamics, Governance Future, and Course Conclusion

  • Topic 1: Unpacking Power Centers: Shareholder Activism and CEO Empowerment.
  • Topic 2: The Changing Landscape: New Models for Board Governance.
  • Topic 3: Insights into Director Compensation and Proxy Access.
  • Topic 4: Board Challenges: Avoiding Pitfalls and Building Effectiveness.
  • Topic 5: Gazing into the Future: Risk Perspectives, Governance Evolution, and What Lies Ahead.
  • Reflection & Review: Summarizing the GRC Journey and Preparing for Future Challenges.


How This Course is Different from Other (GRC) Courses:

While there are numerous courses in the market, our 'Strategic Approaches to Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance' course stands out due to its comprehensive nature. Not only does it cover the foundational aspects of GRC, but it also delves deep into contemporary challenges, such as CEO compensation debates and shareholder activism in governance. Our focus on the future models for board governance equips participants with foresight, allowing them to be pioneers in their fields. Combined with a holistic training methodology and a diverse toolbox, this course is your one-stop solution to mastering GRC.

credits: 5 credit per day

Course Mode: full-time

Provider: Agile Leaders Training Center