Strategic Management and Leadership: Japanese CEO Perspectives

Derived from: Edward Elgar's Transformational CEOs Leadership and Management Success in Japan

Strategic Management and Leadership: Japanese CEO Perspectives Overview:

Dive deep into the intricate realms of Japanese CEO Leadership and uncover the secrets behind the Transformational CEOs in Japan. This course provides an extensive insight into Strategic Management in Japan, combined with hands-on training sessions on the unique Japanese Business Strategies, Profit-Arithmetic Approach, and Proto-Image of the Firm (PIF) Approach. Explore detailed case studies like Nissan during the Ghosn Era, Takkyubin under Masao Ogura's revolutionary vision, Norio Ohga's renowned Leadership at Sony, and the innovative strategies of Shin-Etsu Chemicals' Chihiro Kanagawa.


Target Audience:

  • CEOs, CFOs, and other C-level executives
  • Senior managers and directors
  • Strategy and planning executives
  • Business consultants focused on Japanese markets
  • Those keen to understand Japanese CEO Leadership and Transformational CEOs in Japan


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Leadership and Development
  • Business Strategy and Operations, especially those keen on understanding the Profit-Arithmetic Approach and Proto-Image of the Firm (PIF) Approach.


Targeted Industries:

  • Automotive (with a focus on companies like Nissan during the Ghosn Era)
  • Logistics and Delivery (exploring Takkyubin's revolution under Masao Ogura)
  • Electronics and Media (exploring Norio Ohga's Leadership at Sony)
  • Chemicals (with insights from Shin-Etsu Chemicals' Chihiro Kanagawa)
  • Government Entities and Bodies


Course Offerings:

Participants of this course will be empowered to:

  • Deep dive into the foundations of Strategic Management in Japan
  • Practical sessions on Japanese Business Strategy Training
  • Hands-on exercises based on the Profit-Arithmetic Approach
  • Insights on the unique Proto-Image of the Firm (PIF) Approach
  • Case studies covering Nissan's leadership, Takkyubin's business model, and Norio Ohga's Sony leadership journey


Training Methodology:

The course utilizes a blended learning approach, combining interactive lectures with hands-on sessions focusing on Japanese Business Strategy Training and Profit-Arithmetic Approach Training. Participants will engage in group work, analyzing real-life case studies like the Nissan Leadership during the Ghosn Era. Interactive feedback sessions will further enhance learning, ensuring participants can practically apply the Japanese Management Styles and strategies they learn.


Course Toolbox:

  • Comprehensive workbook detailing the Proto-Image of the Firm (PIF) Approach
  • Case study materials, including Nissan's Market Strategy and Yamato's Business Model
  • Online resources and reading materials focused on Japanese CEO Leadership Training


Course Agenda:

Day 1: Foundations of Japanese Leadership and Management Success

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Management Success in Japan
  • Topic 2: Overview of Transformational CEOs in Japan: The Pioneers
  • Topic 3: Proto-Image of the Firm (PIF) vs. Profit-Arithmetic (PA) Approach
  • Topic 4: The Influence of Japanese CEO Leadership in Global Business
  • Topic 5: Mental Schemes of Leading CEOs in the Japanese Landscape
  • Reflection & Review: Assessing the Traits of Successful Japanese Leadership


Day 2: Diving into Japanese Business Strategies

  • Topic 1: Unraveling the Profit-Arithmetic Approach in Business
  • Topic 2: Gaining Insights from the Proto-Image of the Firm (PIF) Approach
  • Topic 3: Understanding the Process of Strategic Thinking in Japan
  • Topic 4: Strategic Management Styles: A Japanese Perspective
  • Topic 5: Comparative Analysis: Ashridge’s Management Styles vs. PIF and PA Approaches
  • Reflection & Review: Analyzing the Unique Aspects of Japanese Business Strategies


Day 3: Learning from Corporate Giants

  • Topic 1: Nissan and The Ghosn Era: A Study in Transformation
  • Topic 2:Takkyubin's Revolution: Masao Ogura's Haulage Legacy
  • Topic 3: The Impact of Norio Ohga's Leadership at Sony
  • Topic 4: Business Innovations Under Shin-Etsu Chemicals' Chihiro Kanagawa
  • Topic 5: Insights into Japanese Corporate Renewal
  • Reflection & Review: Evaluating the Influences of Pioneering Leaders in Japanese Industry


Day 4: Business Renewal and Diversification in Japan

  • Topic 1: Sony's Renewal Scheme: An Era of Change
  • Topic 2: Nissan's Market Strategy and Organizational Adaptability
  • Topic 3: Exploring Business Diversification Decisions in Japanese Enterprises
  • Topic 4: Yamato's Service Milestones and Business Model Innovations
  • Topic 5: Porter’s Corporate Strategies: A Japanese Context
  • Reflection & Review: Unpacking Business Renewal Strategies in Japan


Day 5: Conclusions and Forward Thinking

  • Topic 1: Delving into Niihara’s Findings in Japanese Business
  • Topic 2: Assessing Global Automotive Groups' Performance in the Japanese Landscape
  • Topic 3: Revisiting the Influence of Japanese CEO Leadership Training
  • Topic 4: Japanese Business Case Studies: Lessons for the Global Businessperson
  • Topic 5: The Future of Strategic Management Training in Japan
  • Reflection & Review: Summarizing Insights and Looking to the Future of Japanese Business Leadership


How This Course is Different from Other Strategic Management and Leadership Courses:

Unlike other courses that offer a superficial understanding, this course dives deep into the Japanese CEO Leadership Training, providing hands-on experience in the unique approaches and strategies like the Profit-Arithmetic Approach Training. Participants will explore real-life case studies, learn from the experiences of industry giants like Nissan and Sony, and be equipped with tools and resources that enable

credits: 5 credit per day

Course Mode: full-time

Provider: Agile Leaders Training Center