The 360 Degree Agile Digital Marketing Course

This course is interactive that includes assignments, checklists & actionable to-do lists. It is a step by step approach to building a marketing strategy from scratch across all the major digital channels

Mastering Digital Marketing Strategy

This is one of the best digital marketing training courses. It includes a lot of courses within one course. It teaches things beyond tricks and tips. It is a one of a kind digital marketing strategy course.

Digital marketing is the branch of marketing that uses web and online based digital technologies to promote products and services. Digital marketing seeks to develop potential markets. Digital platforms became increasingly integrated into marketing plans and everyday routines.

This course is interactive that includes assignments, checklists & actionable to-do lists. It is a step by step approach to building a marketing strategy from scratch across all the major digital channels.

A Digital Marketing Strategy Course

The Digital Marketing Strategy is a 360 degree approach to all of your digital marketing needs. This course will teach you how to develop an Agile strategy for your business. An Agile strategy can be adapted to fit any situation and any budget.


You will learn about the importance of creating a digital marketing plan. You will also learn how to implement it in the most effective way possible. By the end of this course, you will have learned how to:

  • Create a Digital Marketing Plan.
  • Define Your Target Audience.
  • Research Your Competition.
  • Set Goals for Your Campaigns.


We will discuss the strategy for your digital marketing campaign. This includes;

  1. Ideas for reaching your audience.
  2. Building A key message to Deliver to your Audience.
  3. Deciding when is the optimal time to tell your message.
  4. What is the optimal amount you should be spending on telling them.

Unique Tactics for Each Digital Platform

This Course will allows you to use different tactics on each platform depending on its strengths and weaknesses. This helps you getting the most out of your budget. It will allow you to maximize your efforts in getting targeted traffic from each platform. This professional digital marketing course will include;

  • YouTube Marketing Course.
  • Facebook Marketing Course.
  • Twitter Marketing Course.
  • Instagram Marketing Course.
  • LinkedIn Marketing Course.
  • Best SEO Course.
  • Digital Marketing Mobile Apps.
  • Creative Copywriting Course.

Targeted Audience for This Agile Digital Marketing Course

  • Marketing Managers.
  • Marketers.
  • Marketing Directors.
  • Brand Managers
  • Entrepreneurs.

Targeted Organizational Departments for Agile Digital Marketing Course

  • Marketing Departments.
  • PR Staff. 
  • Campaigning Teams.

Targeted Industries for Agile Digital Marketing Course

Any Sector or Industry.


Learning Impact and Outcomes of Agile Digital Marketing Course

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand digital marketing in-depth.
  • Follow a step by step approach toward building an integrated digital marketing strategy.
  • Use every tool in the digital marketing toolbox effectively.
  • Master the digital marketing tactics.
  • Create their adaptive hyper marketing approach.

Training Method:

This training program combines theoretical and practical approaches. It Aims at enhancing participants knowledge of digital marketing. It will equip them with the right tools to use when practicing digital marketing.


Course Toolbox 

  • (19) sections digital marketing plan 
  • Digital marketing tool list.
  • Market Research Survey.
  • SEO Checklist.
  • Google Keyword Planner.
  • The Poster Boy Formula.
  • Youtube Idea Spreadsheet.
  • Google Analytics Glossary.
  • Facebooks Ads Guide.
  • Reading List.

Course Agenda:


Day (1) The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  • Market Research, Survey, & Analytics.
  • Creating a Website that Strives.
  • Email Marketing & Email Campaigns.

Day (2) From Copy Writing to SEO 

  • Creative Copywriting Course.
  • Content Marketing and The AIDA approach.
  • Best SEO Course.
  • Tools to Optimize SEO.
  • Mastering Key Words.
  • Mastering Backlinks.
  • Influencer Marketing.

Day (3) Youtube & Facebook Marketing

  • Youtube Marketing Course.
  • Inbound Marketing Youtube.
  • Facebook Marketing Training Course.
  • Facebook Advertising & how to schedule posts.
  • Advanced Facebook Marketing Techniques
  • The most effective scheduling tool.

Day (4) Twitter, Instagram, & Linkedin Marketing

  • Twitter Marketing Course
  • Twitter Marketing Useful Techniques.
  • Instagram Marketing Course.
  • Instagram Marketing for Beginners, understanding Instagram users.
  • instagram Marketing Tools & other instagram tools.
  • Instagram Influencers & marketers on instagram.
  • Affiliate Marketing Using Instagram.
  • Linkedin Marketing Course.
  • Linkedin Marketing Useful Techniques.

Day (5) Google Adwords, Google Analytics, & App Marketing.

  • Advanced Google Adwords Course
  • Google Analytics Advanced Course
  • App Marketing Plan
  • (40)+ Ways To Promote Your App.

Affiliate Marketing Using Instagram or Any Other Social Platform


 Affiliate marketing is a great way to promote businesses and make money on the side.

There are many different ways to approach affiliate marketing, but here are 3 steps A marketeer can take to start An affiliate programs.

1)Marketeers should find a niche that they know well and like. For example, if they are in bakery business, then they should find a bakery or local restaurant that sells baked goods, and offer to promote their products on social media.
2) Marketeers should reach out to the niche and ask if they'd be interested in having someone promoting their products or services online. Marketeers should Make sure that they get links and codes, so that when people click through from the post and buy something from the niche , Marketeers will get a commission from the sale.
3) Marketeers should share pictures of the Products, shops, etc. Then they should tag the niche members in that post. Marketeers should let them know about any sales or specials happening at their establishment.

There are many different ways to do affiliate marketing:

- Facebook ads
- Google AdWords
- Instagram ads (and stories)
- Snapchat ads (and stories)

You can also make money by building a blog, writing articles on sites like Medium, or creating Youtube videos. The most important thing is to be a part of an affiliate networks.


Google Analytics & Google Adwords

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free, web-based tool that provides information about the visitors to your website. It helps you to understand how people find your site, what they do once they land on your site and why they leave. If you have an e-commerce website or any type of website that generates revenue, Google Analytics can be extremely valuable in helping you make improvements to increase sales.
Google Adwords: Google Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising service that allows you to bid on keywords relevant to your business. When users search for these keywords on Google, Google will show ads for businesses using AdWords in their search results. The ads are based on the content of the page and its relevance to the search query and can appear above or below organic search results (depending on whether there's room for more ads).


ADIA Approach and The Convert to Action

 The AIDA approach is a model for effective copywriting that helps you craft compelling messages to drive action.

AIDA stands for:

Attention: grab your audience's attention and make them want to read more
Interest: capture the interest of your audience with a powerful headline or lead paragraph
Desire: convince your audience that they need what you're offering
Action: guide the reader to take action on your call-to-action