The Advanced Market Research Course: Process, Data & Methods

Derived from: Springer's A Concise Guide to Market Research

The Advanced Market Research Course: Process, Data & Methods Overview:

In the contemporary corporate landscape, understanding market dynamics is pivotal. 'A Concise Training to Market Research' bridges this need, providing a comprehensive market research guide tailored to leverage IBM SPSS Statistics. The course integrates advanced market research techniques, addressing both quantitative & qualitative market analysis. This unparalleled IBM SPSS market analysis course offers in-depth SPSS statistics for marketing, illuminating how to conduct market research using SPSS effectively.


Target Audience:

  • Market Analysts
  • Marketing Strategists
  • Data Scientists focused on Marketing
  • Business Development Executives
  • Consumer Behavior Analysts
  • Product Managers


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Marketing & Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Data Analytics


Targeted Industries:

With ever-evolving consumer preferences, industries such as Retail, E-commerce, FMCG, and Tech would immensely benefit from the course. Regulatory nuances in Healthcare, Financial Services, and Real Estate make understanding market research crucial.


Course Offerings:

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • IBM SPSS market analysis
  • Quantitative & qualitative market analysis techniques
  • Comprehensive market research guide principles
  • SPSS statistics for marketing
  • Advanced market research techniques using SPSS


Training Methodology:

A balanced amalgamation of theoretical understanding and practical application, this course emphasizes real-world SPSS market research case studies. Engaging interactive sessions, hands-on SPSS tutorials, and group work centered on real marketing challenges ensure holistic learning. Regular feedback sessions, fortified with data collection & analysis in market research, further the learning curve.


Course Toolbox:

  • Market Research Workbook with SPSS Templates
  • Comprehensive Market Research Guide e-Book
  • Access to online resources: tutorials, case studies, & datasets
  • Checklist: SPSS Market Research Best Practices
  • SPSS for Marketing Analysis e-manual


Course Agenda:

Day 1: Understanding the Basics

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Market Research
  • Topic 2: The Nature of Markets
  • Topic 3: Ethical Considerations in Market Research
  • Topic 4: Basics of Data Collection
  • Topic 5: Market Research Tools and Techniques
  • Reflection & Review: Insights and Key Learnings from Day 1


Day 2: The Process and Types of Data

  • Topic 1: The Market Research Process
  • Topic 2: Types of Data: Primary vs. Secondary
  • Topic 3: Quantitative and Qualitative Data Distinctions
  • Topic 4: Data Collection Methods
  • Topic 5: Measurement and Scaling
  • Reflection & Review: Importance of Structured Research and Data Types


Day 3: Gathering and Describing Data

  • Topic 1: Accessing and Utilizing Secondary Data
  • Topic 2: Primary Data Collection Techniques
  • Topic 3: The Workflow of Data Processing
  • Topic 4: Introduction to Data Analysis Tools (e.g., SPSS)
  • Topic 5: Basics of Descriptive Statistics
  • Reflection & Review: Deep Dive into Data Gathering and Description


Day 4: Hypothesis Testing and Regression Analysis

  • Topic 1: Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing
  • Topic 2: Dive into ANOVA
  • Topic 3: Basics of Regression Analysis
  • Topic 4: Conducting and Interpreting Regression
  • Topic 5: Data Requirements for Regression Analysis
  • Reflection & Review: Exploring Hypothesis and Regression Analysis


Day 5: Advanced Analysis and Recap

  • Topic 1: Factor Analysis Overview
  • Topic 2: Principal Components Analysis
  • Topic 3: Advanced Data Interpretation Techniques
  • Topic 4: Review of Key Analysis Methods
  • Topic 5: Market Research Recap and Summary
  • Reflection & Review: Final Thoughts and Future Learning Goals


How This Course is Different from Other Market Research Courses:

At the heart of this offering is a fusion of traditional market research methods and advanced SPSS techniques. Unlike generic courses, it is meticulously tailored for modern-day challenges, bringing together quantitative & qualitative market analysis. Real-world SPSS market research case studies provide an edge, ensuring practical applicability. It isn't just another course; it's a comprehensive market research guide.

credits: 5 credit per day

Course Mode: full-time

Provider: Agile Leaders Training Center