The Ultimate Hydrocarbon Production Training Course

Mastering Techniques and Strategies for Efficient and Sustainable Hydrocarbon Extraction

Hydrocarbon Production Course Overview:

This extensive training program is designed to offer an integrated perspective on hydrocarbon production and related facilities throughout a reservoir's life cycle. Participants will gain not only a fundamental understanding of oilfield production equipment but also the tools and knowledge to understand fluid behavior from the reservoir to end-users. The course emphasizes the calculation of reserves and fluid properties, making it a vital training course for oil and gas industry professionals.


Target Audience:

  • Technologists
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Safety and Inspection Engineers
  • Operations, Maintenance or Project Engineers
  • Anyone requiring a broad understanding of hydrocarbon exploration and production


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Engineering
  • Safety and Inspection
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Research and Development


Targeted Industries:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Environmental Services
  • Consultancy Firms


Course Offerings:

By the end of this training course for the oil and gas industry, participants will be able to:

  • Understand both upstream and downstream operations.
  • Explore global oil & gas statistics.
  • Learn various methods for hydrocarbon production.
  • Understand oil & gas operations from wellhead to refinery.


Training Methodology:

This course adopts a multi-faceted approach to training, incorporating lectures, interactive sessions, case studies, and group work. Feedback sessions are woven throughout the course to ensure ongoing progress and quality of understanding, thereby making this one of the most dynamic training courses in the oil and gas industry.


Course Toolbox:

  • Workbooks
  • Reading materials on oil and gas industry trends
  • Checklists and templates for project planning and operation


Course Agenda:


Day 1: Introduction to Hydrocarbon Industry

  • Topic 1: Global Energy Statistics
  • Topic 2: Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production Overview
  • Topic 3: Upstream Operations
  • Reflection & Review: Recap and Q&A


Day 2: Hydrocarbon Properties

  • Topic 1: Rock Properties & Reservoir Simulation
  • Topic 2: Oil & Gas Production
  • Topic 3: Reservoir Drive Mechanisms
  • Reflection & Review: Recap and discussion


Day 3: Downstream Operations

  • Topic 1: Production Manifolds & Separation
  • Topic 2: Oil Treatment & Storage
  • Topic 3: Gas Treatment & Processing
  • Reflection & Review: Summary and Interactive Q&A


Day 4: Heat Exchangers and Measurement

  • Topic 1: Pipeline Operation & Control
  • Topic 2: Pumps & Compressors
  • Topic 3: Refinery Operations
  • Reflection & Review: Review of learning points and discussion


Day 5: The Role of Technology & Safety

  • Topic 1: Safety Protocols & Accident Prevention
  • Topic 2: Corrosion Protection
  • Topic 3: Petroleum Economics & Risk Analysis
  • Reflection & Review: Final recap and course evaluations


How This Course is Different:

What sets this course apart from other oil and gas industry training courses is its comprehensive nature, covering both upstream and downstream operations. This is the go-to training course for professionals aiming for a 360-degree understanding of the oil and gas industry

credits: 5 credit per day

Course Mode: full-time

Provider: Agile Leaders Training Center