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Agile HR Certification: Agile Manpower Planning

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  • 16 - 20 Apr 2023

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Agile HR Certification: Agile Manpower Planning

Agile Manpower Planning is a vital element in creating an organizational sustainable competitive advantage to help in competing globally. While Agility is becoming crucial, having a clear strategy enables more insightful decision making.


 Agile Manpower Planning is a way of human resources management. Implement Strategic Manpower Planning, involves the following:

  • Identifying your staffing needs.
  • Determining how many people you need in each role.
  • Forecasting how many people will be needed in each role over time.

When you have this information, you can use Agile Recruitment Processes. You will be able to find the right candidates for your roles and hire them before they're needed. This allows you to save money on training costs and get new employees up to speed quickly.


Agile HR Courses for Working Professionals

This course will consider how to maximize the use of resources in an agile manner. This means developing the right talents for the right times & places to meet future demands. Attending this program will help participants gain the required knowledge and insights to put them into practice when planning the manpower. it is one of the most effective human resources courses.

Targeted Audience for This Strategic Manpower Planning Course

  • HR Managers.
  • HR Specialists.
  • HR Directors.
  • Recruiters.
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist.
  • Top Managers.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Any HR Staff member who wishes to be an Agile HR Practitioner.


Targeted Organizational Departments for Strategic Manpower Planning Course

  • Human Resource Departments.
  • Managers at all departments.
  • Learning and Development Directorate.


Learning Impact and Outcomes of Strategic Manpower Planning Course

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the strategic depth of agile manpower.
  • Master human resource planning.
  • Have a strategic human resource planning framework.
  • Develop an employer branding plan.
  • Improve the recruitment and selection agility.
  • Follow a step by step approach toward planning an agile workforce.
  • Use every tool in the manpower planning toolbox effectively.
  • Develop talent journeys for the current workforce.
  • Forecast the future trends when building an agile workforce.
  • Plan and implement Training & development programs.
  • Build a strong employer brand.
  • Improve the candidates experience.
  • Develop and retain existing employees.


Training Method:

This training program combines theoretical and practical approaches to enhance participants' knowledge of manpower planning. It will equip participants with the right tools to use when planning the talent journeys.


Course Toolbox 

  • Agile HR Adoption Checklist.
  • Case Studies.
  • Reading Material.
  • The Competency Book.

Course Agenda:

Day (1) The Strategic Manpower Planning. 

  • The Environmental Scan
  •  Why does HR need to be Agile?
  • Man Power and BSC
  • Process integration, Process Audit 

Day (2) Forecasting Manpower Needs & HR Agility

  • Linear Regression 
  • Markov Model
  • Organizational Rightsizing.
  • Job Analysis and Agility.

Day (3) Attract and Retain Global Talent / Talents.

  •  Ways to Improve Employer Branding.
  • Recruitment Strategies to Attract and Retain Talent
  • Employment Selection.
  • Employment orientation and Discovering Talents.
  • The Competency Book and Talent Journey.
  • Drawing Talent Development Strategies.

Day (4) Training and Development and Employee Performance.

  • Training and Performance.
  • Finding Performance Gaps.
  • Linking Gaps to Training.
  • Planning, implementing, & evaluating training.
  • Discovering and Closing Performance Gaps.

Day (5) Building High Performing Teams Training

  • Building a learning organization.
  • Developing Talents.
  • The Talent Development Coach.
  • Developing a Cultural Competency Training Plan.
  • Developing HR Replacement Chart.
  • Agile Succession Planning Training.

Strategic Manpower Planning is One of Most Advanced HR Courses

Strategic Manpower Planning

The first step in the Agile Recruitment Process is Strategic Manpower Planning. In this stage, HR Practitioner will do an analysis of the business needs and goals. 

Then HR Practitioner will determine how many people the business need to achieve those goals. Practitioner will also identify any gaps or redundancies in the current workforce. Then Practitioner will work to develop strategies for filling those gaps as efficiently as possible.


Agile Manpower Forecasting

Once Practitioner have completed the strategic planning. They move on to forecasting how many people the business needs on a more granular level. a Practitioner will do this by analyzing the past hiring patterns and determining how they match up with the current needs. If there are any discrepancies, Practitioner will help identifying them so that you can plan accordingly.


The Agile Recruitment Process

Once the strategic plans are in place. Practitioner will know exactly how many people the business needs to hire each quarter. Practitioner can get started on the actual recruiting process: finding the right candidates for each position before anyone else does.


Objectives of Manpower Planning

The objective of manpower planning is to ensure that there are enough Skilled people available to fulfill company's needs. It also involves assessing whether there are enough people with these skills at different levels within an organization. So that companies can manage their resources effectively.


Strategic Manpower Planning As A Process

Strategic manpower planning is a process that involves taking a look at where your company is, and where it's headed. Then deciding how you can best position yourself to meet the future. It's about ensuring that the business have the right people. In the right place to take your business from one stage to the next.

The first step is to figure out what kind of talent you need for each position. This might involve looking at your current employees' skills, or it could mean finding ways to train them on new skills. You'll also want to consider how many people you need for each position.

Once you've determined who should fill each position, it's time to get started on the hiring process! There are several different ways you can go about this:
1) Use internal resources: If there are already qualified candidates within your company, then it's easy enough just to hire them! However, if you don't have anyone who fits the bill, then there another option.
2) Use external resources: You can also look elsewhere for qualified candidates. The search could be done through traditional recruiting methods (like job postings). Another way is to use an agile recruitment process (which involves using technology like video interviews).


How Competency-Based Training is Relevant? 

Competency Based Training is an effective way to provide training to employees. It allows companies to assess their needs and tailor the training to those needs. This is done by assessing the employee's current competencies. Then identifying gaps that need to be filled, as well as the new competencies that will be needed in future jobs.


Advantages of Competency-Based Training

This allows for more efficient training because it does not waste time on skills that are already mastered by employees. Competency Based Training also helps with succession planning by identifying employees who have the potential for promotion.
An important objective of Manpower Planning is creating a stable workforce that can meet current and future requirements. Competency Based Training helps achieve this goal by providing individuals with the necessary skills. This will enable individuals to succeed in their current roles, as well as prepare them for future roles within the organization.


Human Resources Management Courses
Agile HR Certification: Agile Manpower Planning (HR1007_241976)

HR1007_241976    16 - 20 Apr 2023    3000  $


Course Details

ID Coures: HR1007_241976

The Date: 16 - 20 Apr 2023

The Fess : 3000 $