Agile 101 - Mastering the Agility Mindset Training Course Event, 28.Apr.2024

Agile 101 - Mastering the Agility Mindset Training Course Event, 28.Apr.2024

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  • 28 Apr - 02 May 2024

  • Zoom

  • 1250 Euro


"Agile 101: The Agility Mindset" is an immersive training course designed to harness the power of agility in a corporate environment. Through effective communication strategies and a robust agile methodology, participants will learn how to navigate agile transformation and cultivate an agile mindset within their teams. This course offering features certified agile leadership program trainers, leadership coaching, and agile coaching sessions that delve into agile leadership principles and practices. The course is rooted in an agile transformation strategy and provides negotiation skills training for better team collaboration. Earn your agile certification while gaining hands-on experience in leadership agility.

Target Audience:

• Team Leaders

• Project Managers

• Scrum Masters

• Agile Coaches

• Product Owners

Targeted Organizational Departments:

• Project Management

• Software Development

• Operations

• Human Resources

• Business Development

Targeted Industries:

• Information Technology

• Telecommunications

• Financial Services

• Healthcare

• Manufacturing

Course Offerings:

• Understand Agile Methodology

• Develop Communication Strategy

• Master Agile Transformation Strategy

• Learn Agile Leadership Principles and Practices

• Improve Negotiation Skills

Training Methodology:

This training course incorporates multiple learning methods such as case studies, group work, interactive sessions, and feedback sessions to reinforce the learning process. The course features agile coaching and leadership coaching sessions from industry experts and certified agile leadership program instructors. The curriculum is designed around the agile methodology and includes modules on communication strategy and agile transformation. This course will guide participants through a mindset training process that promotes leadership agility and instills an agile mindset for the organization's benefit.

Course Toolbox:

• Agile 101 Workbook

• Online Agile Resources

• Agile Certification Study Guide

• Negotiation Skills Checklist

• Communication Strategy Templates

Course Agenda:

Day 1: Agile Foundations

• Topic 1: Understanding Agile Methodology

• Topic 2: Communication Strategies in Agile Teams

• Reflection & Review: Reflecting on Agile Principles and Practices

Day 2: Agile Leadership

• Topic 1: Agile Leadership Principles and Practices

• Topic 2: Agile Coaching and Mentoring

• Reflection & Review: Review Leadership Agility

Day 3: Transformation & Agility

• Topic 1: Agile Transformation Strategy

• Topic 2: Developing Leadership Agility

• Reflection & Review: Agile Transformation Review

Day 4: Agility in Practice

• Topic 1: Agile Certification Pathways

• Topic 2: Negotiation Skills in Agile Environment

• Reflection & Review: Negotiation Skills Review

Day 5: The Agile Mindset

• Topic 1: Cultivating an Agile Mindset

• Topic 2: Mindset Training

• Reflection & Review: Reflect on Agility Mindset

How This Course is Different from Other Agile 101 training courses:

"Agile 101: The Agility Mindset" stands apart as it emphasizes on instilling an agile mindset, rather than just familiarizing participants with agile terminology and practices. Our course offerings include comprehensive mindset training, agile coaching, and negotiation skills training under a certified agile leadership program. We focus on agile transformation strategy and communication strategies that can be applied directly to workplace scenarios. You'll leave with not just an agile certification, but the capability to drive agile transformation within your organization.

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Agile 101 - Mastering the Agility Mindset Training Course (1012_241999)

1012_241999    28 Apr - 02 May 2024    1250  Euro


Course Details

# 1012_241999

28 Apr - 02 May 2024


Fees : 1250 Euro