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Agile PR Practitioner: Public Relations Training

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  • 03 - 07 Jul 2023

  • 3000

Public Relations Course Description

Public relations is a field that has undergone rapid change in the last few decades. Traditionally, public relations practitioners focused on developing relationships with journalists, editors and other media members. 

Traditional PR aim at getting clients the exposure they needed. The focus was on pitching stories to media outlets and getting those stories printed or aired.

Nowadays, public relations professionals are increasingly using digital tools to communicate directly with their audiences. This means that they need to be able to leverage social media platforms.
It also means that they need to understand how digital tools as part of a larger public relations campaign. For example, many companies use email newsletters. Newsletters is one way of communicating directly with their customers (and potential customers) on a regular basis.
This course will provide participants with everything they need to evolve into Agile Public Relations Practitioner. It includes a rich toolbox that brings discussed theories to life. It discusses the transformations the PR field witnessed from the traditional media age to the digital age.

How This Course is Different From The Other Public Relations Courses

 Public relations is one of the most important aspects of business today. With so many different companies competing for attention, it's important to understand how you can stand out from the crowd.

Unlike the other Public Relations Courses, this course takes an integrated approach towards the public relations. Other training courses focus either on online or on offline approaches to public relations. In this course we'll cover everything from traditional public relations to digital public relations and everything in between! We'll start with a brief history of public relations and why it's important today. 

We've also got an entire section dedicated to new technologies like social media and online tools that are transforming our world. Giving us more opportunities than ever before.
Then, we'll go over some key concepts like brand management, crisis management, and communications strategies. You'll learn how to build relationships with journalists and influencers. How to manage your own personal brand effectively. And how to create compelling content for your audience that will help your company grow its reach even further.

Target Audience For This Public Relations Training Course?

  • Managers.

  • Leaders.

  • Government staff.

  • Politicians.

  • C Suite executives.

  • Any one planning to be A PR Professional.

  • Any Potential Public Relations Officer.


Targeted Organizational Departments For The Agile Public Relations Training Course

  • Public Relations Departments.

  • Top Management.

  • Media and Publicity Departments

  • Marketing Department.

  • Branding Department.


Targeted Industries For The Agile Public Relations Training Course

  • Any Sector or Industry.


Learning Impact and Outcomes of Agile Public Relations Training Course

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Acknowledge PR importance.

  • Plan a winning PR strategy.

  • Draft campaign strategy plan.

  • Setting and implementing campaign objectives.

  • Implement digital marketing campaign strategy.

  • Understand the Science of target audience.

  • Create stories that reinforce the brand messaging.

  • Master the tactics needed to ensure that stories reach the right people.

  • Manage Media Relations Effectively.

  • Integrate PR Activities into one strategy.

  • Understand the ethical and legal considerations of PR activity.

  • Master the event planning & Implementation. 

  • Understand the search engine optimization.


Training Methodology:

Training is undertaken through lectures assisted by audio & visual presentations. Trainee participation is ensured through assignments, role-plays. Case studies also will be discussed to help the audience with the training content. 

Trainees are also encouraged to share their workplace experiences. Real life experience are discussed in details by the trainer to enhance learning by experiences. 


Course Toolbox 

  • PR Plan Templet.

  • Media Pitching Samples.

  • Audience Analytics Tools.

  • Reading Material.

  • Case Studies (Campaigns).


Course Agenda:


Day (1) Introduction to Agile PR

  • Definition of Agile PR.

  •  From Traditional Media to Digital Media.

  • SEO Campaign Strategy.

  • Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy.

  • Core Concepts of Digital PR.

  • Integrating the PR efforts.


Day (2) Generating Ideas for Content Marketing

  • Research & Planning.

  • Objectives and Audience.

  • Understanding the Context.

  • Developing Key messages to each of the buyer personas.

  • Learning SCAMPER and Six Thinking Hats.


Day (3) Media and Public Relations 

  • Media Relations Tactics.

  • Creating a story?

  • Journalists Relations.

  • Pitching Stories to the Media.

  • planning press releases.

  • Handling Media Interviews.

  • Managing social media.


Day (4) Multiple Public Relations Courses 

  • Influencer Relations & Analysts Relations.

  • Event Management Training.

  • An exposure to events industry.

  • Videos and Multi media Content strategy.

  • Writing For distinguished PR.


Day (5) PR as a Strategic Direction

  • PR Strategy Examples.

  • How to Write a Campaign Strategy.

  • Campaigns Vs Programs.

  • Measurement and Reporting.

  • Increasing the conversion rates.

  • Crisis Communication and Issue Management.

  • PR Legal and Ethical working frame.


Events Management:

Event management is one of the most important functions of public relations and marketing. This course will help you understand how to plan and execute events in your organization. Whether is small, informal gatherings or large-scale events that require months of planning and coordination.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create a strong messaging strategy for your event.

  • Manage internal stakeholders and external partners.

  • Develop and execute an effective budget plan for your event.

  • Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you measure the success of your efforts.


Public Relations Campaigns, Programs, and Strategies

Public relations practitioners are responsible for developing and executing public relations programs that support the organizational overall goals and objectives. This includes planning and implementing publicity campaigns. It also include managing crisis communications, building relationships with key media contacts, coordinating events and other special projects.

Public Relations Campaigns: A public relations campaign is a series of planned activities designed to accomplish specific objectives. campaign are accomplished generally over an extended period of time. Public Relations Campaigns are designed to create awareness about a new product or service or to generate support for a cause.

Public Relations Program: A public relations program is a series of related campaigns (projects). PR activities are designed to accomplish specific objectives within an organization over an extended period of time.
Public Relations Strategy: A public relations strategy describes how organizations will use public relations tactics to achieve their strategic objectives. Tactics include (campaigns & programs).

Political And Public Relations Courses
Agile PR Practitioner: Public Relations Training (PR1018_242113)

PR1018_242113    03 - 07 Jul 2023    3000 


Course Details

ID Coures: PR1018_242113

The Date: 03 - 07 Jul 2023

The Fess : 3000