The Art of Mind Persuasion: Persuasive Skills Course Event, 30.Jun.2025

The Art of Mind Persuasion: Persuasive Skills Course Event, 30.Jun.2025

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  • 30 Jun - 04 Jul 2025

  • Barcelona

  • 4800 Euro

Mastering Mind Persuasion

Mastering Mind Persuasion is a science and an art. Many Leaders are finding it difficult to change people. This Difficulty is simply caused by the reflective behaviour of resistance.
Leaders generally find it very challenging to persuade their teams of implementing change. This what is this course aims to improve. 
Historically, persuasion is known as the art and science of changing others' behaviours and actions by changing their opinions and attitudes.
This course will help people who are aiming to change opinions and behaviours on micro & macro levels (Public Opinion).

Targeted Audience for The Art of Mind Persuasion Course 

  • Those who wish to learn the hidden strategies of the most influential people.

  • Leaders & executives who feel tired of others not listening.

  • Those who wish to have a more assertive impact on others.

  • Those who are interested in mobilizing public opinions and moving people to action.

Targeted Organizational Departments of The Art of Mind Persuasion Course

  •  Any organizational department.

Targeted Industries of The Art of Mind Persuasion Course

  • Any Sector or Industry

Learning Objectives of The Art of Mind Persuasion Course

By the end of this course, you will be able to 

  • Sharpening their persuasion skills.
  • Intensely move others to actions.
  • Master the Personality characteristics of the most powerful persuaders.
  • Discover the "Insider Influence Questions" to ask yourself before any significant conversation,
  • Recognize what to say to get others to persuade.
  • Get access to many useful tools to make everything they learn actionable and agile.

Training Methodology:

Training is undertaken through lectures assisted by audio-visual presentations. 

Trainee participation is ensured through assignments, role-plays. Case studies also will be discussed to help the audience with the training content. 

Trainees are also encouraged to share their workplace experiences. Case studies are discussed in detail by the trainer to enhance experiential learning.

Course Toolbox 

  • The persuasion checklist.

  • Story Telling Framework.

  • Scamper Templet.

  • Mental Mapping Tool.

  • Reading Material.

Course Agenda:

Day (1) Communication as One of the Persuasive Negotiation Skills

  • Berlo’s Communication Model in Depth.
  • Discussing the regime of Truth.
  • Barriers to Effective Communication.
  • The most Needed Communication Skills. 

Day (2) Beyond The 6 Principles of Persuasion

  • Introduction to the art of persuasion
  • The persuasion myths
  • The personality traits of persuaders
  • The pre-persuasion checklist
  • The pieces of persuasion framework.

Day (3) Tools of Persuasion & Mobilizing Public Opinion

  • Understanding the nature of an opinion?
  •  Learn theories of opinion changing.
  • Evidence that persuades.

Day (4) Mind Persuasion & Story Telling

  • Defining A good story
  • Building your story library.
  • Structure of a good story.
  • Become the hero of your narrative.

Day (5) Creativity Tools of Persuasion

  • Convergent Vs Divergent Thinking.
  • Understanding Fast and Slow thinking Modes.
  • Mastering the SCAMPER Approach.
  • Using Mental Map.
  • Using the Six Thinking Hats Technique.

Tools of Persuasion

Persuasion is a fundamental aspect of communication. To be persuasive, you must create an emotional connection to your subject matter. Ethos, Logos and Pathos are the three pillars that create a successful persuasive speech or piece of content.

When appealing to ethos, you're trying to prove that you're an authority in the subject you speaking about. To appeal to logos, you're trying to convince through evidence and data. And to appeal to pathos you're trying to create an emotional relationship with your audience. This can be done through relaying stories or creating an emotional connection.

Persuasion is a crucial skill for you to hone as an actor, director, or producer. When you can convince others of your point of view, you can persuade them to take action on your behalf. You can also use persuasion as a means of self-expression. Since other people will be more likely to listen to you if they agree with your opinion.

In this course, participants will explore the three main types of persuasion. Ethos (appealing to ethics), Logos (appealing to logic), and Pathos (appealing to emotion). Participants will also discuss the most common types of arguments and how they fit into these categories.

Finally, participants will discuss how you can use these tools. And how using them will affect everyday life and how they relate to the world of acting.

The art of persuasion is a powerful tool in storytelling and communication. When you persuade people through their emotions, logic, and ethics, you can make them feel what you want them to feel.

In this course, participants will learn how to use Ethos, Logos, and Pathos as tools of persuasion in their storytelling. Participants will learn how the three elements work together to create successful narratives.

The Principles of Persuasion 

Persuasion is the centre piece of business activity. Customers must be convinced to buy your company’s products or services. Employees and colleagues must be influenced to to go along with a new strategic plan or reorganization . But despite the critical importance of persuasion, most executives struggle to communicate, let alone inspire.

With The Art of Mind Persuasion: Persuasive Skills Course you'll learn how to use your natural abilities as an executive. Inspiring others into action by harnessing their mindsets in ways that work for everyone involved. This course will teach you how to:

  • Communicate effectively while avoiding common pitfalls like jargon and clichés.
  • Make memorable presentations without being overly emotional or dramatic.
  • Use storytelling techniques that are proven effective by professional writers and advertisers.

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The Art of Mind Persuasion: Persuasive Skills Course (13590_242158)

13590_242158    30 Jun - 04 Jul 2025    4800  Euro


Course Details

# 13590_242158

30 Jun - 04 Jul 2025


Fees : 4800 Euro