Mastering Organizational Effectiveness with KPIs: A Comprehensive Training Course Event, 16.Jun.2024

Mastering Organizational Effectiveness with KPIs: A Comprehensive Training Course Event, 16.Jun.2024

Course Details

  • # 36018_242171

  • 16 - 20 Jun 2024

  • Dubai

  • 3700 Euro

The Adaptive Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Training Program is a comprehensive professional development training course designed to enhance the strategic thinking and management skills of professionals. This course offers the necessary knowledge and tools to use KPIs effectively, align them with corporate strategy, ensure increased employee engagement, and improve organizational effectiveness.

Course Overview

The Adaptive KPI Training Program provides a five-day intensive training course covering various aspects of KPIs, including strategic planning, performance management, organizational behavior, strategic management, and managerial responsibilities. Participants will learn how to utilize KPIs in decision-making processes and foster effective team management.

Target Audience

  • Managers and team leaders
  • Strategic planners
  • Performance management professionals
  • Organizational development consultants
  • Individuals interested in professional development training in KPI management

Targeted Organizational Departments for the Adaptive KPI Training Program

  1. Strategic Management Department
  2. Human Resources Department
  3. Performance Management Department
  4. Project Management Office (PMO)
  5. Organizational Development Department
  6. Finance and Budgeting Department
  7. Sales Department

Course Offering

  • Understanding what KPI means and its applications in different contexts
  • Leveraging KPIs for effective decision-making
  • Skills for enhancing time management for managers
  • Techniques for increased employee engagement using KPIs

Training Methodology

The training course adopts a hands-on, interactive approach, incorporating real-world case studies from diverse industries. It focuses on practical applications of strategic management theory, change management practices, and performance management tools.

Course Toolbox

  • Comprehensive course notes and handouts on KPI examples and key performance indicator examples
  • KPI templates and tools
  • Recommended reading materials and resources

Course Agenda

Day 1: Introduction to KPIs and Strategic Management Theory

  • Understanding KPI meaning and strategic management theory
  • The role of KPI in strategic planning and performance management
  • Understanding organizational behavior and its influence on KPI selection

Day 2: Utilizing KPIs for Effective Decision-making and Team Management

  • How to use KPIs in decision-making
  • KPIs for effective team management
  • Interpersonal skills for managers in the context of KPI management

Day 3: The Role of KPIs in Managing Organizational Change

  • Understanding change management and its relation to KPIs
  • How to use KPIs for managing organizational change

Day 4: Practical Applications of KPIs

  • Study of real-world KPI examples from diverse industries
  • Using KPIs for strategic sourcing

Day 5: Final Discussion and Assessment

  • Interactive discussion on the application of course learnings
  • Assessment of understanding and application of KPIs

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Mastering Organizational Effectiveness with KPIs: A Comprehensive Training Course (36018_242171)

36018_242171    16 - 20 Jun 2024    3700  Euro


Course Details

# 36018_242171

16 - 20 Jun 2024


Fees : 3700 Euro