The Training Needs Assessment TNA Training Course Event, 14.Jul.2025

The Training Needs Assessment TNA Training Course Event, 14.Jul.2025

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  • 14 - 18 Jul 2025

  • Milan

  • 4800 Euro

Training Needs Assessment (TNA) Training Course Overview:

The "Training Needs Assessment (TNA) Training Course" is an immersive, five-day program designed to elevate your understanding of training needs in organizational settings. The course focuses on the training department structure, HR department training and development, and goes into detail on the training department organizational chart. It highlights how to effectively implement the ADDIE model in a training department while aligning with training department goals. Through real-world examples, the course aims to define the roles and responsibilities of a training department. Participants will gain hands-on experience in conducting training needs assessment (TNA) and will be introduced to tests and assessments. The program integrates job analysis methods to ensure the right fit between job requirements and training content.


Target Audience:

  • Training Managers.
  • Training Specialists and Coordinators.
  • HR Professionals.
  • Learning and Development Coordinators.
  • Learning and Development Managers.
  • Department Heads looking to identify training needs.


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Training Department
  • HR Department
  • Industrial Training Department
  • Operations Department


Targeted Industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Education
  • Government


Course Offerings:

  • Understand and build a training department organizational structure.
  • Perform job analysis to identify gaps in skills and training.
  • Draft a compelling training department vision statement.
  • Master various methods to identify training and development needs.


Training Methodology:

This course employs a rich blend of methodologies, ensuring the application of both theoretical and practical knowledge. The program leverages case studies that simulate real-world scenarios in an industrial training department. Participants will engage in group work activities designed around training needs analysis vs training needs assessment and the assessment of training needs in various cultural contexts, including a cultural diversity training program needs assessment. Interactive sessions will be conducted to discuss the difference between organizational commitment and employee engagement. The course will also have regular feedback sessions for continuous improvement.


Course Toolbox:

  • Training department organizational chart templates
  • Job Analysis Checklist
  • Online resources for further learning
  • Self-assessment tests and quizzes


Course Agenda:

Day 1: Assessing and Analyzing Your Training Function

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Assessing Your Present Training Function
  • Topic 2: Key Metrics for Analyzing Your Training Department’s Effectiveness
  • Topic 3: Methods for Assessing the Training Department’s Organization
  • Topic 4: Understanding the Training Department Organizational Chart
  • Topic 5: Implementing the ADDIE Model in a Training Department
  • Reflection & Review: Revisiting the Training Department Structure and Goals


Day 2: Planning and Procedures for Needs Identification

  • Topic 1: Distinguishing Between Organizational and Employee Training Needs
  • Topic 2: Criteria for Identifying Possible Areas in Which People Need Training
  • Topic 3: Planning Methodologies to Identify Training Needs
  • Topic 4: Implementing Procedures for Identifying Training Needs
  • Topic 5: Introduction to Training Needs Assessment vs Training Needs Analysis
  • Reflection & Review: Differentiating Between Training Needs Analysis vs Training Needs Assessment


Day 3: Implementing Methods to Gather Information (Part 1)

  • Topic 1: Conducting Standard Interviews for Needs Identification
  • Topic 2: Utilizing Job Analysis Grid Interviews
  • Topic 3: Implementing the Need-to-Know Process
  • Topic 4: Setting Performance Standards for Training Effectiveness
  • Topic 5: Introduction to Job Hazard Analysis and Safety
  • Reflection & Review: Integrating Performance Standards and Job Analysis in TNA


Day 4: Implementing Methods to Gather Information (Part 2)

  • Topic 1: Incorporating Meetings for Collective Needs Assessment
  • Topic 2: Designing and Utilizing Questionnaires for TNA
  • Topic 3: Implementing Tests and Assessments in the TNA Process
  • Topic 4: Utilizing Combination Methods for Comprehensive Assessment
  • Topic 5: The Role of Cultural Diversity in Training Program Needs Assessment
  • Reflection & Review: Review of Various Information Gathering Techniques


Day 5: Concluding a Needs Analysis

  • Topic 1: Combining Inputs and Reporting Results
  • Topic 2: Transferring Training Needs to Training Objectives
  • Topic 3: Considering External Services and Products for Training Needs
  • Topic 4: Finalizing the Training Needs Assessment Report
  • Topic 5: Difference Between Organizational Commitment and Employee Engagement
  • Reflection & Review: Summary and Next Steps for your Training Department


How This Course is Different:

The "Training Needs Assessment (TNA) Training Course" stands out for its unique blend of theoretical and hands-on approaches. Unlike other similar courses, this program dives deep into the HR department training and development strategies and integrates real-world industrial training department scenarios. It offers a holistic approach by teaching you how to identify the training needs of an organization as well as the individual employees. Furthermore, the course provides invaluable job analysis tools and techniques, essential for any modern organization.

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The Training Needs Assessment TNA Training Course (9_243523)

9_243523    14 - 18 Jul 2025    4800  Euro


Course Details

# 9_243523

14 - 18 Jul 2025


Fees : 4800 Euro