Comprehensive Training Course on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Event, 04.Nov.2024

Comprehensive Training Course on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Event, 04.Nov.2024

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  • 04 - 08 Nov 2024

  • Jeddah

  • 4850 Euro

Microsoft Azure Complete Training Course Overview:

Welcome to the "Microsoft Azure Complete Training Course," a comprehensive journey designed to turn you into a proficient Microsoft Azure Administrator. We start with Microsoft Azure fundamentals to give you a solid foundation and progress into advanced topics, including Azure Resource Manager, Azure DevOps Project Management Tools, Azure Cost Management Tools, and more. We will explore the pros and cons of Microsoft Azure, allowing you to make informed decisions in your role. With our focus on hands-on training, you'll get experience in Azure Configuration Management Tools, Azure Core Services, and you'll even get to play around with Azure Cosmos DB. By the end of this course, you'll be proficient in Azure Management Tools and understand the Azure DNS Technology Stack to secure and scale your applications.


Target Audience:

  • Cloud Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Database Administrators

This course will help you understand what Microsoft Azure is and how to become an effective Microsoft Azure Administrator, mastering Azure Resource Manager and Azure Cost Management Tools.


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • IT Operations
  • Software Development
  • Database Management
  • Cybersecurity

Considering the focus on Microsoft Azure fundamentals, Azure DevOps Project Management Tools, and Azure Resource Manager, these departments stand to gain the most.


Targeted Industries:

  • Tech Companies
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • E-commerce
  • Government

With the increasing reliance on cloud-based solutions, these industries can benefit from in-depth knowledge about Azure Core Services, Azure DNS, and Traffic Manager Azure functionalities.


Course Offerings:

Participants will learn:

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates
  • Azure DNS Security Measures
  • Azure Cost Management Tools
  • Cosmos DB Analytics
  • Azure Traffic Manager functionalities


Training Methodology:

This course employs a mix of interactive lectures, hands-on labs, group discussions, and case studies. We leverage Azure Resource Manager Templates for practical lessons and incorporate Azure Management Tools in case studies. Learning methods also include reviewing real-world examples of Azure DNS Security issues and solving them in class. Each day will wrap up with a reflection and review session, featuring interactive quizzes based on Azure Core Services and Cosmos DB Analytics.


Course Toolbox:

  • Azure Portal Access
  • Azure DevOps Project Management Tools
  • Azure Cost Management Dashboards
  • Azure Resource Manager Templates
  • Cosmos DB Query Tool
  • Azure DNS Server IP Checklists


Course Agenda:

Day 1: Introduction to Azure Cloud Computing

  • Topic 1: Welcome & Overview
  • Topic 2: Purpose of Azure in Modern Computing
  • Topic 3: Azure Services Definition
  • Topic 4: Role of Azure in Cloud Computing
  • Topic 5: Good Azure Practices
  • Reflection & Review: Summary of the importance and role of Azure Cloud Computing


Day 2: Azure Fundamentals and Principles

  • Topic 1: Recap of Day 1
  • Topic 2: Critical Success Factors for Azure
  • Topic 3: Introduction to Azure Principles and Concepts
  • Topic 4: Definition of Azure Resources
  • Topic 5: Individual Azure Services and Overall Azure Architecture
  • Reflection & Review: Discussion of Key Principles in Azure


Day 3: Azure Resource Management and Security

  • Topic 1: Recap of Day 2
  • Topic 2: Azure Security Measures
  • Topic 3: Iterative Process in Azure Resource Management
  • Topic 4: Responsibility for Azure Security
  • Topic 5: Azure Administrator's Role in Resource Management
  • Reflection & Review: The Stakeholder's Role in Azure Security and Resource Management


Day 4: Azure Data Management and Analytics

  • Topic 1: Recap of Day 3
  • Topic 2: Azure Data Lake and Storage Options
  • Topic 3: Azure Analytics Services
  • Topic 4: Implementing Data Solutions in Azure
  • Topic 5: Critical Success Factors for Data Solutions
  • Reflection & Review: Techniques for Effective Data Management and Analytics


Day 5: Azure DevOps and Final Review

  • Topic 1: Recap of Day 4
  • Topic 2: Introduction to Azure DevOps
  • Topic 3: DevOps Tools in Azure
  • Topic 4: Continuously Deploy Applications in Azure
  • Topic 5: Maintain DevOps Practices
  • Reflection & Review: Final Review and Closing Remarks


How This Course is Different from Other Microsoft Azure Courses:

The "Microsoft Azure Complete Training Course" isn't just another tutorial—it's a comprehensive guide that walks you through both the basics and advanced features, with a strong focus on practical application. Unlike other courses, we offer you hands-on experience with Azure Resource Manager Templates, Azure DevOps Project Management Tools, and Cosmos DB Analytics. We address real-world challenges related to Azure DNS Security and Azure Traffic Manager, equipping you for scenarios you'll actually face in your career.

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Comprehensive Training Course on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services (13_243831)

13_243831    04 - 08 Nov 2024    4850  Euro


Course Details

# 13_243831

04 - 08 Nov 2024


The Fees : 4850 Euro