Course on Advanced Strategies for PR & Digital Media in Corporate Communication Event, 24.Nov.2024

Course on Advanced Strategies for PR & Digital Media in Corporate Communication Event, 24.Nov.2024

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  • # 43_244708

  • 24 - 28 Nov 2024

  • Doha

  • 3500 Euro

Advanced Strategies for PR & Digital Media in Corporate Communication Overview:

In the rapidly evolving world of business and media, 'Strategic Leadership & Advanced Media Relations in the Digital Age' is your cornerstone course to navigate these changes. Addressing core tenets like Strategic Leadership, PR Strategies, Digital Age Communication, and Ethical Leadership, participants will grasp the nuances of Business Strategy and Digital Marketing. The course also deep-dives into the complexities of Media Crisis Management in the realm of Corporate Communication Strategies and Modern PR Techniques. Whether you're seeking to bolster your Digital Age Branding or enhance your Business Decision-making capabilities, this course amalgamates the best of Media Management, Reputation Building, and Artificial Intelligence in PR.


Target Audience:

  • Senior Leadership & Management
  • PR Executives and Managers
  • Corporate Communication Heads
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Business Strategists
  • Brand Managers


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing & Digital Marketing
  • Leadership and Strategy Development
  • Media Management


Targeted Industries:

  • Public Relations Firms
  • Corporate Enterprises
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Branding Consultancies
  • Technology Companies emphasizing on Technological Advancements


Course Offerings:

Participants will acquire skills and knowledge in:

  • Mastery over Digital Age Communication and its impact on PR.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Media Crisis Management.
  • Implementation of Modern PR Techniques and PR Best Practices.
  • Insights on Leadership in Digital Transformation and the role of Artificial Intelligence in PR.


Training Methodology:

Our training methodologies for 'Strategic Leadership & Advanced Media Relations in the Digital Age' leverage a balanced mix of theory, hands-on case studies, and interactive sessions. We emphasize real-world Media Management scenarios where participants can apply PR Strategies and Digital Age Communication concepts. Group work promotes peer-to-peer learning and feedback sessions ensure clarity and retention. Through case studies, participants will dive deep into Digital Marketing, Corporate Communication Strategies, and the vast realm of Technological Advancements in PR.


Course Toolbox:

  • Digital PR Strategy Handbook
  • Case Studies on Effective Crisis Management
  • PR Campaign Development Templates
  • Interactive Digital Age Branding Modules


Course Agenda:

Day 1: Foundational Principles and Advanced Public Relations

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Public Relations: Between Corporate Work and Society.
  • Topic 2: Common Misconceptions About Public Relations.
  • Topic 3: Evolution of Public Relations: From Traditional to Digital World.
  • Topic 4: Audience Classification and Analysis of its Different Categories.
  • Topic 5: Modern Principles of Public Relations: Defining PR in the Contemporary Era.
  • Reflection & Review: Overview of Public Relations Evolution and Audience Analysis.


Day 2: PR Campaign and Innovative Strategies

  • Topic 1: Setting Objectives and Purposes for the Campaign.
  • Topic 2: Identifying the Target Audience.
  • Topic 3: Crafting Messages for Each Segment of the Target Audience.
  • Topic 4: Budgeting and Timelines for PR Campaigns.
  • Topic 5: Evolution and Types of Strategies in Public Relations.
  • Reflection & Review: Effective PR Campaign Creation and Strategy Development.


Day 3: Digital Communication and Media Crisis Management

  • Topic 1: Public Relations and Media: The Changing Landscape.
  • Topic 2: New Media and Digital Communication Strategies.
  • Topic 3: Importance of Pre-planning for Media Crises.
  • Topic 4: Addressing Media Crises Effectively.
  • Topic 5: Reputation Rebuilding Strategies After a Media Crisis.
  • Reflection & Review: Navigating Media Crises and the Digital Media Landscape.


Day 4: Digital Reputation and PR Impact Analysis

  • Topic 1: Understanding Public Opinion and its Formation.
  • Topic 2: Theories of Public Opinion Influence.
  • Topic 3: Analyzing and Measuring Digital Reputation using 'Social Mentions'.
  • Topic 4: Tools and Techniques for Evaluating PR Impact.
  • Topic 5: Data Analysis in Assessing PR Campaign Success.
  • Reflection & Review: The Role of Digital Media in Shaping Public Opinion and Reputation.


Day 5: Digital PR and Current Trends in Media

  • Topic 1: Digital Public Relations: Content Types and Strategies.
  • Topic 2: Blogging and the Art of Writing Online Content.
  • Topic 3: Current Trends: The Influence of Globalization and Tech Evolution on Media and PR.
  • Topic 4: Artificial Intelligence in Data Analysis and Decision Making.
  • Topic 5: Addressing Fake News and its Influence on Public Opinion.
  • Reflection & Review: Future Trends and Impacts on Public Relations and Media.


How This Course is Different from Other Strategic Leadership & PR Courses:

Strategic Leadership & Advanced Media Relations in the Digital Age is not just another course – it's a transformational experience. Unlike other programs, this course intricately weaves Digital Age Communication, Media Crisis Management, and Ethical Leadership into a seamless learning journey. With a strong emphasis on Technological Advancements, particularly Artificial Intelligence in PR, participants will be future-ready. Our rich array of case studies, exemplifying Modern PR Techniques and Corporate Communication Strategies, ensures applied knowledge, making our offering truly unparalleled.

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Course on Advanced Strategies for PR & Digital Media in Corporate Communication (43_244708)

43_244708    24 - 28 Nov 2024    3500  Euro


Course Details

# 43_244708

24 - 28 Nov 2024


Fees : 3500 Euro