Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Complete Training Course Event, 17.Mar.2025

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Complete Training Course Event, 17.Mar.2025

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  • 17 - 20 Mar 2025

  • Istanbul

  • 3700 Euro

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Complete Training Course Overview:

Unlock the full potential of SharePoint with our Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Complete Training Course. Whether you are a developer or an end-user, this comprehensive training covers everything from Microsoft SharePoint overview to Microsoft SharePoint server licensing. Our certified experts offer an in-depth Microsoft SharePoint certification training, emphasizing real-world applications like Microsoft SharePoint contract management and Microsoft SharePoint backup.


Target Audience:

  • SharePoint Developers
  • IT Administrators
  • Project Managers
  • End-Users Target this course for skill development in Microsoft SharePoint services, Microsoft SharePoint introduction, and Microsoft certified SharePoint developer training.


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • IT Department
  • Project Management
  • Operations
  • Legal Departments requiring Microsoft SharePoint overview and Microsoft SharePoint uses would benefit greatly from this training.


Targeted Industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Legal
  • Government Industries facing challenges in data management, compliance, and Microsoft SharePoint server licensing would benefit from this course.


Course Offerings:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand Microsoft SharePoint overview and Microsoft SharePoint uses
  • Practical training in Microsoft SharePoint online training
  • Hands-on Microsoft SharePoint designer training
  • Learn Microsoft 365 SharePoint and Microsoft SharePoint backup


Training Methodology:

We employ a holistic approach to Microsoft SharePoint 2016 training. Participants engage in interactive sessions, group work, and case studies. Practical lessons in Microsoft SharePoint certification training and Microsoft SharePoint contract management ensure real-world applicability.


Course Toolbox:

  • Workbook with Microsoft SharePoint overview
  • Microsoft lists in SharePoint checklists
  • OneDrive for business sync tools
  • Microsoft SharePoint services online resources


Course Agenda:

Day 1: Getting Started with SharePoint 2016

  • Topic 1: Introduction to SharePoint 2016 and its Core Functions
  • Topic 2: Overview of Collaboration and Sharing Within Teams
  • Topic 3: Understanding Access Control to SharePoint Sites
  • Topic 4: Basic Integration of SharePoint with Microsoft Office
  • Topic 5: Comparing Different SharePoint Products
  • Reflection & Review: Assessing Your Current Familiarity and Goals with SharePoint 2016


Day 2: Navigating and Customizing SharePoint

  • Topic 1: How to Navigate Home Pages and SharePoint Sites
  • Topic 2: Understanding the Structure of SharePoint Sites
  • Topic 3: Customizing Site Navigation
  • Topic 4: Working with the SharePoint Ribbon
  • Topic 5: Understanding Lists, Libraries, Web Parts, and App Parts
  • Reflection & Review: Tips and Tricks for Efficient Navigation


Day 3: Content Management in Lists and Libraries

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Lists and Libraries
  • Topic 2: Creating and Populating Lists and Libraries
  • Topic 3: Version Control and Checking Files in and Out
  • Topic 4: How to Organize Content in Lists and Libraries
  • Topic 5: Working Offline and Setting Up Alerts
  • Reflection & Review: Best Practices for Content Management


Day 4: Advanced Features and Search Capabilities

  • Topic 1: Utilizing List and Library Settings
  • Topic 2: Managing Permissions and Sharing Content
  • Topic 3: Advanced Features like Content Types and Views
  • Topic 4: Introduction to SharePoint's Search Functionality
  • Topic 5: Tips for Effective Searching and Finding Information
  • Reflection & Review: Leveraging SharePoint's Advanced Features


Day 5: Social Features and Personal Spaces

  • Topic 1: Introduction to My Site and OneDrive for Business
  • Topic 2: Using the Newsfeed Page for Collaboration
  • Topic 3: Understanding SharePoint Pages - Web Part Pages, Wiki Pages, Publishing Pages
  • Topic 4: Managing and Creating Community and Blog Sites
  • Topic 5: Work Task Management in SharePoint
  • Reflection & Review: Personalizing Your SharePoint Experience for Maximum Productivity


How This Course is Different from Other Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Training Courses:

Our Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Complete Training Course is designed to offer comprehensive knowledge that goes beyond typical Microsoft SharePoint training courses. Not only do we cover basic and advanced features, but we also delve into niche topics like Microsoft SharePoint foundation workflow timer service and OneDrive for business sync. Whether you are preparing for Microsoft SharePoint certification or seeking practical skills in Microsoft SharePoint contract management, this course has it all.


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Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Complete Training Course (14_245172)

14_245172    17 - 20 Mar 2025    3700  Euro


Course Details

# 14_245172

17 - 20 Mar 2025


Fees : 3700 Euro