Claims and Counterclaims Preparation, Analysis, Assessment & Successful Settlement Course Event, 19.Aug.2024

Claims and Counterclaims Preparation, Analysis, Assessment & Successful Settlement Course Event, 19.Aug.2024

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  • 19 - 23 Aug 2024

  • Dubai

  • 3700 Euro

Claims and Counterclaims Preparation, Analysis, Assessment, and Successful Settlement of Disputes Overview:

In the evolving landscape of construction, understanding and effectively managing claims and counterclaims has become crucial. This course dives deep into Claims Preparation and Analysis, Settlement of Construction Disputes, and Dispute Resolution in Construction. We will also delve into the nuances of Counterclaims in Construction and analyze the Impact of Disputes on Construction Projects. By participating, you'll gain expertise in the art of Negotiating Construction Claims, and the methods of Construction Mediation and Arbitration.


Target Audience:

  • Contract Managers seeking Contract Managers Training
  • Engineers requiring Mediation and Arbitration Course for Engineers
  • Project Managers aiming for Construction Project Management Claims understanding
  • Professionals wanting Advanced Dispute Settlement Course


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Construction Contract Management
  • Project Scheduling and Delay Analysis
  • Engineering and Technical Support
  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitration


Targeted Industries:

The construction sector, primarily industries dealing with Variations in Construction Contracts, sectors prone to Differing Site Conditions Claims, and businesses dealing with Defective Specifications and Drawings.


Course Offerings:

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Construction Project Management Claims
  • Proficiency in Network Analysis Techniques in Construction
  • Skills to evaluate Delay Claims in Construction
  • Mastery over Construction Contract Requirements


Training Methodology:

Incorporating a blend of theoretical and practical approaches, this course combines lectures with case studies focusing on topics such as Evaluation of Claims in Project Scheduling. Interactive sessions will facilitate understanding of the nuances of Delay Claims in Construction, and group work will be centered on scenarios from real-life Construction Disruption Claims. Regular feedback sessions will be integral to measure progress and understanding.


Course Toolbox:

  • A comprehensive workbook covering all topics, including a dedicated section on Construction Litigation vs. Mediation.
  • Online resources and reading materials on Construction Claims Negotiation.
  • Checklists and templates for Construction Site Conditions Analysis.


Course Agenda:

Day 1: Grasping Dispute Causes and Cost Implications**

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Dispute Causes in Construction
  • Topic 2: Understanding Suspension, Re-sequencing, and Variation Orders
  • Topic 3: Differing Site Conditions and Their Impact on Projects
  • Topic 4: The Role of Defective Specifications and Drawings
  • Topic 5: The Dynamics of Acceleration, Force Majeure, and Termination
  • Reflection & Review: Analyzing the Spectrum of Dispute Causes and Their Cost Implications


Day 2: Addressing Unforeseen Conditions and Claims**

  • Topic 1: Investigating the Construction Site: Obligations and Dynamics
  • Topic 2: Unforeseen Conditions: Behavioral and Physical Aspects
  • Topic 3: Engineer's Role in Mitigating Unforeseen Condition Claims
  • Topic 4: Navigating Variation Order Cost Estimates
  • Topic 5: Delving into Job Factors Affecting Productivity and Pricing
  • Reflection & Review: Strategizing Responses to Unforeseen Conditions and Their Claims


  • Topic 1: Introduction to Scheduling Provisions and Techniques
  • Topic 2: Analyzing Delays with Construction Project Management (CPM)
  • Topic 3: Understanding the Complexity of Concurrent Delays
  • Topic 4: Evaluating Claims Related to Project Scheduling
  • Topic 5: Dissecting Claims for Delays, Disruptions, and Associated Damages
  • Reflection & Review: Aligning Scheduling Techniques with Claims Prevention


Day 4: Leading the Path to Project Completion**

  • Topic 1: Understanding Substantial Completion Dynamics
  • Topic 2: Diving Deep into Commissioning, Handing-Over, and Close-Out
  • Topic 3: Preparing and Addressing Punch Lists and System Starts
  • Topic 4: Ensuring a Smooth Contract Close-Out Process
  • Topic 5: Anticipating Challenges and Ensuring Project Handover Success
  • Reflection & Review: Assessing the Steps to Successful Project Completion and Handover


Day 5: Dealing with Counterclaims and Efficient Resolution**

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Counterclaims in Construction
  • Topic 2: Addressing Employer Claims: From Defective Materials to Workmanship
  • Topic 3: Understanding Claims by Sub-Contractors: Delays and Disruptions
  • Topic 4: Mastering Claim Resolution: Negotiation to Litigation
  • Topic 5: The Importance of Mediation and Arbitration in Claims Settlement
  • Reflection & Review: Strategizing for Effective Claim Resolution and Forward Planning


How This Course is Different from Other Claims and Counterclaims Courses:

This course, unlike others, offers a 360-degree view of the construction claims world. It doesn't just stop at teaching the fundamentals like Claims Preparation and Analysis but goes beyond by providing hands-on training, emphasizing real-world scenarios in Construction Mediation and Arbitration. With a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, participants will be better equipped to tackle real-world challenges, be it Settlement of Construction Disputes or understanding the nuances of Counterclaims in Construction.

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Claims and Counterclaims Preparation, Analysis, Assessment & Successful Settlement Course (40_245969)

40_245969    19 - 23 Aug 2024    3700  Euro


Course Details

# 40_245969

19 - 23 Aug 2024


Fees : 3700 Euro