Project Cost Estimation Training Course: for Project Managers Event, 21.Apr.2025

Project Cost Estimation Training Course: for Project Managers Event, 21.Apr.2025

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  • # 3599_247342

  • 21 - 20 Apr 2025

  • Kuala Lumpur

  • 4400 Euro

Cost Estimation for Engineering Project Managers Certification Course

Cost estimation is a critical aspect of project management, particularly for engineering projects. Accurate cost estimation helps project managers effectively allocate resources, make informed decisions, and ensure the successful execution of projects within budget constraints. This comprehensive certification course focuses on equipping engineering project managers with the knowledge and skills to master the art of cost estimation.

Course Overview:

The Cost Estimation for Engineering Project Managers certification course covers a wide range of topics over a period of seven days. Participants will delve into various techniques, methodologies, and best practices in cost estimation to enhance their project management capabilities.

Target Audience:

  • Engineering project managers.
  • Project engineers.
  • Cost estimators.
  • Professionals involved in project planning and execution within the engineering industry.

Targeted Organizational Departments for the Cost Estimation for Engineering Project Managers certification course:

  1. Engineering Project Management Directorate

  2. Project Management Office (PMO)

  3. Engineering Department

  4. Construction Department

  5. Procurement Department

  6. Finance Department

  7. Cost Control Department

  8. Estimation Department

  9. Planning Department

  10. Operations Department

Targeted Industries:

  • Oil and gas sectors

  • Construction industry

  • Renewable energy sector

  • Manufacturing industry

  • Infrastructure development sector

  • Power generation and distribution sector

  • Chemical and petrochemical industry

  • Mining and minerals sector

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of cost estimation in engineering project management.

  • Apply various cost estimation techniques and methodologies effectively.

  • Estimate labor, material, equipment, and overhead costs accurately.

  • Account for contingencies and manage project risks.

  • Develop comprehensive cost estimation plans and baselines.

  • Monitor, control, and report project costs.

  • Make informed decisions based on reliable cost estimates.

  • Communicate cost estimation results to stakeholders effectively.

Training Methodology:

The certification course combines theoretical concepts with practical applications to ensure participants gain a comprehensive understanding of cost estimation for engineering projects. The training incorporates interactive discussions, case studies, real-world examples, and hands-on exercises to enhance learning and skill development.

Course Toolbox:

  • Comprehensive course notes and handouts.
  • Real-life case studies and examples.
  • Cost estimation templates and tools.
  • Recommended reading materials and resources.

Course Agenda:

Day 1: Introduction to Cost Estimation

  • Importance of cost estimation in engineering project management.

  • Key principles and concepts of cost estimation.

  • Understanding the project life cycle and its impact on cost estimation.

  • Overview of cost estimation techniques and methodologies.

Day 2: Elements of Cost Estimation

  • Identifying and categorizing project costs.

  • Direct costs vs. indirect costs.

  • Understanding fixed costs, variable costs, and semi-variable costs.

  • Factoring in contingency and risk assessment.

Day 3: Cost Estimation Methods and Tools

  • Top-down vs. bottom-up cost estimation approaches.

  • Analogous estimating.

  • Parametric estimating.

  • Three-point estimation.

  • Utilizing software tools for cost estimation.

Day 4: Estimating Labor Costs

  • Resource allocation and labor requirements.

  • Determining labor rates and productivity factors.

  • Accounting for overtime, holidays, and other factors.

  • Analyzing labor cost variances.

Day 5: Estimating Material and Equipment Costs

  • Identifying and quantifying material requirements.

  • Sourcing and pricing materials.

  • Analyzing equipment costs and rental considerations.

  • Factoring in inflation and market trends.

Day 6: Estimating Overhead Costs

  • Understanding overhead costs in engineering projects.

  • Allocating overhead costs to specific activities.

  • Estimating indirect labor costs.

  • Including indirect material and equipment costs.

Day 7: Cost Estimation Documentation and Reporting

  • Creating a cost estimation plan.

  • Developing a cost estimation baseline.

  • Monitoring and controlling project costs.

  • Presenting cost estimation reports to stakeholders.

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Project Cost Estimation Training Course: for Project Managers (3599_247342)

3599_247342    21 - 20 Apr 2025    4400  Euro


Course Details

# 3599_247342

21 - 20 Apr 2025

Kuala Lumpur

Fees : 4400 Euro