The Comprehensive Procurement Training Course: Strategic Supply Chain Management insights Event, 25.Nov.2024

The Comprehensive Procurement Training Course: Strategic Supply Chain Management insights Event, 25.Nov.2024

Course Details

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  • 25 - 29 Nov 2024

  • Tbilisi

  • 4000 Euro


Today's rapidly shifting global business environment demands a robust understanding of procurement and supply chain management. Our course amalgamates leading procurement training courses, seminars, and practical applications to provide participants with a comprehensive look into the world of procurement. With a focus on sustainable procurement training, public sector, and public procurement training, this course also dives deep into procurement certification training and offers insights from top procurement training seminars. For those new to the domain, our approach prioritizes procurement training for beginners, ensuring everyone has a strong foundation to build upon.


Target Audience:

  • Procurement Specialists (with focus on procurement specialist training)
  • Entry-Level Professionals (benefitting from procurement training for beginners)
  • Public Sector Employees (aligning with public sector procurement training)
  • Teams seeking cohesive strategies (procurement training for the team)
  • Senior Procurement Professionals (enhanced with procurement certification training)


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations
  • Sustainability (with a special module on sustainable procurement training)


Targeted Industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Government (leveraging government procurement training)
  • FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
  • Electronics


Course Offerings:

  • Comprehensive introduction to procurement course
  • Deep-dive into sustainable procurement training and green procurement course content
  • Detailed modules on procurement contract management course and procurement process training
  • A special segment dedicated to public procurement course and government procurement training
  • Valuable insights from globally recognized procurement training seminars


Training Methodology:

Our PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT course employs a dynamic blend of theoretical knowledge from procurement training courses, hands-on case studies, and group exercises. Participants will benefit from interactive sessions that delve into real-world scenarios, reflecting both public and private sector challenges. Our methodology, rooted in proven procurement training programs, encourages feedback, ensuring each participant maximizes their learning potential.


Course Toolbox:

  • Comprehensive workbook, including procurement process training materials
  • Customizable templates for procurement and contract management training
  • Online resources detailing public procurement training best practices
  • Checklists for sustainable and green procurement implementation


Course Agenda:


Day 1: Introduction, Strategy, and the Influence of Procurement

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Procurement: Overview and Strategy
  • Topic 2: The Scope and Influence of Procurement
  • Topic 3: Delving into Strategic Procurement Essentials
  • Topic 4: Logistics and Supply Chains: Foundations and Innovations
  • Topic 5: Organizational Structures and Their Impact on Supply Chains
  • Topic 6: Best Practices for Establishing Procurement Policies

Reflection & Review: Discussing procurement's strategic importance and its influence on the supply chain.


Day 2: Procurement Policies, Supplier Relationships, and Contractual Nuances

  • Topic 1: Unpacking Procurement Procedures and Support Tools
  • Topic 2: Building Strong Supplier Relationships for Business Success
  • Topic 3: Legal Frameworks and Procurement Contract Management
  • Topic 4: Quality Management in Procurement
  • Topic 5: Driving Innovation in Service and Product Procurement
  • Topic 6: The Role of Technology in Modern Procurement

Reflection & Review: Exploring the balance between supplier relations, innovation, and adhering to procurement policies.


Day 3: Demand-Supply Dynamics, Sourcing, and Sustainability

  • Topic 1: Matching Supply with Demand: Challenges and Solutions
  • Topic 2: Best Practices in Sourcing and Supplier Management
  • Topic 3: Purchase Price Dynamics in a Competitive Market
  • Topic 4: Long-term Cost Management Strategies
  • Topic 5: Public Sector Procurement: Key Differences and Challenges
  • Topic 6: The Shift towards Sustainable and Socially Responsible Procurement

Reflection & Review: Addressing the challenges and rewards of demand-supply dynamics and the importance of sustainable practices.


Day 4: Global Procurement and Risk Management Insights

  • Topic 1: Project-specific Procurement and Risk Management
  • Topic 2: Strategies for Effective Global Sourcing
  • Topic 3: Mitigating Risks in Global Procurement
  • Topic 4: The Changing Landscape of Global Trade
  • Topic 5: Digital Transformation in Procurement and Supply Chains
  • Topic 6: Developing Robust Procurement Processes for Complex Projects

Reflection & Review: Analyzing the implications of global sourcing, and discussing strategies to mitigate potential risks.


Day 5: Advanced Negotiation, Contract Management, and World-Class Procurement

  • Topic 1: Mastering Negotiation Skills for Business Excellence
  • Topic 2: Deep Dive into Contract Management Best Practices
  • Topic 3: Category and Commodity Procurement Strategies
  • Topic 4: World-Class Procurement Strategies for Business Enhancement
  • Topic 5: Enhancing Procurement Performance through Data Analytics
  • Topic 6: Future Trends: The Next Phase of Procurement

Reflection & Review: Reflecting on the evolution of procurement practices and envisioning the future of procurement.


How This Course is Different from Other  SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Courses:

Our "PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT" is not just another procurement course. This intensive program combines the best elements of procurement training seminars, specialist courses, and sustainable methodologies. Designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned professionals, our curriculum offers a unique blend of theory and practice. We prioritize real-world applications, utilizing insights from leading procurement training programs. Whether you are looking to refine your skills or are just embarking on your procurement journey, this course promises a transformative experience.

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The Comprehensive Procurement Training Course: Strategic Supply Chain Management insights (36165_250965)

36165_250965    25 - 29 Nov 2024    4000  Euro


Course Details

# 36165_250965

25 - 29 Nov 2024


Fees : 4000 Euro