The Comprehensive First Aid Manual Training Course Event, 21.Apr.2025

The Comprehensive First Aid Manual Training Course Event, 21.Apr.2025

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  • 21 - 20 Apr 2025

  • Istanbul

  • 3700 Euro

The First Aid Manual Training Course Overview:

This comprehensive 'The First Aid Manual Training Course' provides an in-depth understanding of essential first aid practices. Covering everything from Basic Life Support, CPR Training, and AED Use, to Emergency First Aid, this course is tailored for those seeking robust, practical knowledge in handling medical emergencies. Participants will learn critical skills such as Injury Assessment in First Aid, managing Respiratory Emergency First Aid, and effectively responding to Choking incidents in adults, children, and infants. Additionally, the course delves into specialized areas like Stroke and Heart Attack Response, Seizure Management, and First Aid for Heatstroke and Hypothermia. Advanced modules include Mental Health First Aid and First Aid for Major Incidents, ensuring a well-rounded skill set for all attendees. Ideal for workplace readiness, this course also aligns with HSE Approved First Aid Training standards, making it a must-have qualification for professionals across various industries.


Target Audience:

  • Safety officers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • School teachers
  • Sports coaches
  • Corporate employees
  • Facility managers
  • Human resources personnel


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Human Resources
  • Health and Safety
  • Facility Management
  • Educational Departments
  • Emergency Response Teams


Targeted Industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Sports
  • Corporate Sectors
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality


Course Offerings:

Participants will acquire skills and knowledge in:

  • CPR for adults, children, and infants
  • AED operation and training
  • Managing shock and severe bleeding
  • Treating burns and scalds
  • Fracture management
  • Handling poisoning and allergic reactions
  • Emergency childbirth first aid
  • Conducting injury assessments
  • Mental health first aid
  • First aid for major incidents
  • Compliance with HSE approved first aid training


Training Methodology:

This course employs a blend of interactive sessions, practical demonstrations, case studies, and group work. Participants will engage in hands-on practice with AEDs, role-play scenarios for emergency childbirth, and simulations for handling major incidents and mental health crises.


Course Toolbox:

  • Online first aid resources
  • Case study and scenario-based learning materials


Course Agenda:

Day 1: Fundamentals of First Aid

  • Topic 1: What is a First Aider? Understanding Roles and Responsibilities
  • Topic 2: How to Prepare Yourself for First Aid Situations
  • Topic 3: Protection from Infection: Safety Measures and Best Practices
  • Topic 4: Assessing the Sick or Injured: Initial Steps and Considerations
  • Topic 5: Mechanisms of Injury: Identifying Causes and Effects


Day 2: Emergency Response and Basic Life Support

  • Topic 1: Primary Survey: Rapid Assessment Techniques
  • Topic 2: Secondary Survey: Detailed Assessment Strategies
  • Topic 3: CPR Training for Adults, Children, and Infants
  • Topic 4: AED Use and Training: Automated External Defibrillator Essentials
  • Topic 5: Breathing and Circulation: Managing Respiratory Emergencies


Day 3: Managing Specific Emergencies and Conditions

  • Topic 1: Life-saving Priorities: Making Critical Decisions
  • Topic 2: First Aid for Unconscious Casualties: Adults, Children, and Infants
  • Topic 3: Choking First Aid: Techniques for All Ages
  • Topic 4: Managing Shock and Severe External Bleeding
  • Topic 5: Handling Specific Injuries: Burns, Scalds, and Fractures


Day 4: Advanced First Aid Techniques and Special Situations

  • Topic 1: Poisoning and Allergic Reaction Management
  • Topic 2: Stroke and Heart Attack Response: Critical Care Steps
  • Topic 3: Seizure Management and Hypoglycemia Response
  • Topic 4: Emergency Childbirth First Aid: Key Guidelines and Procedures
  • Topic 5: First Aid for Heatstroke, Hypothermia, and Environmental Injuries


Day 5: Practical Application and Specialized First Aid Training

  • Topic 1: Bandaging Techniques and Injury Stabilization
  • Topic 2: Spinal Injury and Head Trauma Management
  • Topic 3: First Aid for Major Incidents and Workplace Accidents
  • Topic 4: Mental Health First Aid: Recognizing and Responding to Crises
  • Topic 5: Action in an Emergency: Bringing It All Together


How This Course is Different from Other First Aid Training Courses:

'The First Aid Manual Training Course' stands out due to its comprehensive curriculum, blending traditional first aid techniques with modern approaches like Mental Health First Aid and specialized modules for workplace and industry-specific needs. The course goes beyond standard CPR and Basic Life Support training, delving into complex scenarios such as Emergency Childbirth First Aid and Major Incident Management. Its interactive methodology ensures participants are not only knowledgeable but also confident in applying their skills in real-world situations.

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The Comprehensive First Aid Manual Training Course (36175_253266)

36175_253266    21 - 20 Apr 2025    3700  Euro


Course Details

# 36175_253266

21 - 20 Apr 2025


Fees : 3700 Euro