Enhancing The Customer Experience Certification Training Course Event, 07.Oct.2024

Enhancing The Customer Experience Certification Training Course Event, 07.Oct.2024

Course Details

  • # 1001_241951

  • 07 - 11 Oct 2024

  • Casablanca

  • 3200 Euro


This training course is designed to take your organization from a product-focused mindset to a customer-centric service model. You'll learn how to use SEO tools, understand SEO marketing best practices, and gain insights from Google Analytics Advanced. Also, you'll explore customer communication strategy, customer communication plan, and how to use customer communication tools effectively. We'll also focus on quality assurance and quality control, poka yoke, and the quality improvement cycle. This training program is unique as it combines key concepts from both the Balanced Scorecard training and the CRM course, giving a holistic customer centric approach.

Target Audience:

  • Customer Service Managers
  • SEO Specialists
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Individuals looking to attain a Certification Training in enhancing customer experiences

Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Customer Service Department
  • Marketing Department
  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Social Media Department
  • SEO Department

Targeted Industries:

  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Hospitality
  • Telecommunication

Course Offerings:

Participants will:

  • Learn the advantages of a learning organization
  • Delve into the customer centricity model
  • Master the Balanced Scorecard
  • Improve their customer communication strategy
  • Get hands-on experience with various SEO tools
  • Learn advanced Google Analytics

Training Methodology:

Our training methodology involves:

  • Interactive sessions
  • Real-life case studies
  • Group discussions
  • Continuous feedback sessions

Course Toolbox:

Participants will be provided with:

  • A comprehensive workbook
  • Various SEO tools
  • Google Analytics Advanced toolset
  • Balanced Scorecard templates
  • Customer communication tools

Course Agenda:

Day 1: Understanding the Customer

  • Topic 1: Introduction to customer centricity model and its advantages
  • Topic 2: Basics of customer communication strategy and customer communication plan
  • Topic 3: Effective usage of customer communication tools
  • Reflection & Review: Reflecting on the importance of customer centric thinking

Day 2: Quality Assurance and Control

  • Topic 1: Introduction to quality assurance and quality control
  • Topic 2: Understanding Poka Yoke
  • Topic 3: The quality improvement cycle
  • Reflection & Review: Importance of quality in customer service

Day 3: SEO and Analytics

  • Topic 1: Introduction to SEO tools and SEO marketing
  • Topic 2: Basics of Google Analytics Advanced
  • Topic 3: Customer centricity in SEO
  • Reflection & Review: Importance of SEO in customer satisfaction

Day 4: Balanced Scorecard and CRM

  • Topic 1: Balanced Scorecard training
  • Topic 2: Introduction to CRM course
  • Topic 3: Aligning CRM with customer centricity
  • Reflection & Review: How Balanced Scorecard and CRM improve customer service management

Day 5: Customer Satisfaction and Happiness

  • Topic 1: Customer satisfaction training courses
  • Topic 2: Enhancing customer relations
  • Topic 3: Customize happiness – Making customers happy
  • Reflection & Review: The role of customer satisfaction in customer centric culture

How This Course is Different from Other Enhancing The Customer Experience Certification Training Courses:

Our course integrates different aspects like SEO tools, Google Analytics Advanced, customer communication strategy, CRM, Balanced Scorecard, and customer centric culture into one comprehensive course. This holistic approach helps participants understand how these elements work together to enhance the customer experience. The course's strength lies in its practical, hands-on approach, providing real-life examples and case studies for a more engaging learning experience.

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Enhancing The Customer Experience Certification Training Course (1001_241951)

1001_241951    07 - 11 Oct 2024    3200  Euro


Course Details

# 1001_241951

07 - 11 Oct 2024


The Fees : 3200 Euro