ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification Training Course Event, 10.Jun.2024

ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification Training Course Event, 10.Jun.2024

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  • 10 - 14 Jun 2024

  • Dubai

  • 3700 Euro

MS Project Mastery: Advanced Techniques for Successful Project Management

This ISO 9001 certification training Aims at equipping participants with the needed knowledge and skills to become ISO 9001 lead auditor. Participants will be able to conduct or participate in the implementation or the assessment of a Quality Management System.


Targeted Audience For The ISO 9001 2015 Training Course

  • ISO Consultants.

  • Quality Managers & Quality Engineers.

  • Quality Team Members

  • Management System Experts.

  • Management system consultants

  • Professionals Preparing for ISO Certification.

  • Quality Management System Auditors.

  • People involved with quality management in their companies.

  • Quality Assurance /Quality Control Specialists.

  • Quality analysts.


Targeted Organizational Departments for The ISO 9001 2015 Training Course

  • Top Management.

  • Quality Department.

  • Operation Department.

  • Audit Team Members.


Targeted Industries for The ISO 9001 2015 Training Course

  • Any Sector or Industry


Learning Outcomes of The ISO 9001 2015 Training Course

By the End of This Course Participants Will Be Able to:

  • Acknowledge the requirements for a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001

  • Implement a Quality Management System and comply to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

  • Audit a QMS Quality Management System.

  • Plan, perform and report QMS Audits.

  • Audit a management system according to ISO 19011:2018.

  • Conduct a systematic quality analysis and evaluation.

  • Learn how to conduct a management review meeting.

  • Acknowledge the importance of leadership and commitment.

  • Learn the meaning of non conformity and corrective action procedure.


Course Toolbox

  • Clauses of ISO 9001:2015.

  • Audit Planning Checklist.

  • Non Conformity Report Form.

  • Course Material.

  • Readiång List.


Course Agenda:


Day (1) Introduction to ISO 9001:2015

•  Defining Quality?

•  Quality Management Principles.

•  Establishing a Quality Management System QMS.

•  ISO 9001 and the ISO 9000 Family of standards.

•  About the certification to ISO 9001.

•  Understanding the Process Approach.

•  Having A Risk based Mentality.

•  The ISO 9001:2015 structure.


Day (2) Clause (4) & Clause (5) of ISO 9001:2015

•  Clause (4) of ISO 9001:2015

-   Understanding the organization and its context

-   Needs and expectations of interested parties

-   Determining the scope of the management system

-   Quality management system and its processes

•  Clause (5) of ISO 9001:2015

-   Leadership and commitment.

-   Customer focus.

-   Establishing and communicating the quality policy.

-   Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities.


Day (3) Clause (6) & Clause (7) of ISO 9001:2015

•  Clause (6) of ISO 9001:2015

-   Actions to address risks and opportunities.

-   Quality objectives and planning to achieve them.

-   Planning of changes.

•  Clause (7) of ISO 9001:2015

-   Resources.

-   People.

-   Infrastructure.

-   Environment for the operation of processes.

-   Monitoring and measuring resources.

-   Organizational knowledge.

-   Competence.

-   Awareness.

-   Communication.

-   Documented information.


Day (4) Clause (8) & Clause (9) of ISO 9001:2015

•  Clause (8) of ISO 9001:2015

-   Operations planning and control.

-   The Customer communication.

-   Determining the requirements for products and services.

-   Reviewing the requirements for products and services.

-   Design and development of products and services.

-   Design and development planning (Input- Controls - Outcomes- Changes).

-   Control of externally provided processes, products and services.

-   Type and extent of control.

-   Information for external providers.

-   Control of production and service provision.

-   Identification and traceability.

-   Property belonging to customers or external providers.

-   Preservation.

-   Post delivery activities.

-    Controlling the changes.

-   Release of products and services.

-   Control of nonconforming outputs.

•  Clause (9) of ISO 9001:2015

-   Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation,

-   Customer satisfaction.

-   Conducting Analysis and evaluation.

-   Conducting an Internal audit.

-   Conducting Management review.


Day (5) Clause (10) of ISO 9001:2015 & Management System Auditing

•  Clause (10) of ISO 9001:2015

-   Improvement.

-   Dealing with Non conformity and taking corrective action.

-   Defining Continual improvement.

•  Management system auditing.

•  Types of management system audits.

•  Audit scope, objectives and criteria

•  The Audit team & Planning Audit.

•  Conducting the audit.

•  Non conformities.

•  The audit report.


What makes this course different from other ISO 9001 Training courses? 

The structure of the this course includes three major parts:

The first part is an Introduction. This Part of ISO 9001 Training discusses concepts like "quality" and QMS quality management system. This part surfs the most relevant standards in the ISO 9000 series. 

It will also provide a short history of ISO 9001. This part will covers two vital concepts for understanding a QMS. These are quality management system; ( process approach input Process outcome) and (risk-based thinking).
The second part of this ISO 9001 internal auditor training is a detailed discussion of all clauses of the standard. This part follows the structure of the standard so it starts by discussing the organizational context. It will also explain the QMS scope. It will discuss leadership and the role top management commitment in the QMS.
Additionally, the second part will discuss the quality policy. It will define roles, responsibilities and authorities in the Process. It will also explain risks and opportunities associated with the subject. 
This part then will move to discuss quality objectives and will show plans for their achievement. It will surf the resources needed for the QMS. These resources includes infrastructure, the operation of processes environment, competent people & organizational knowledge.
This part will show the needed to supports the QMS and its control. It will surf the process that the organization must follow for designing and developing its products and services.
This part then will focus on customer communication. It will discuss purchasing and the control of processes.
The Second part also will discusses products and services provided by external providers. It will focus on identification and traceability. It will set up the control measures of goods property of customers and external providers.
This Part will Focus also on the preservation requirements. It will discuss the post delivery activities. And will explain the management of non-conforming outputs.
Finally the second part will conclude with the requirements for monitoring customer satisfaction. It will discuss internal audits of the QMS. It will explain the management review. And the management of non conformities in the QMS or the so called continuous improvement of the management system.
The third and last part of this ISO 9001 2015 lead auditor course is about the general management system auditing. It aims at discussing subjects such as the auditing principles. 
It will discuss the different types of management system audits. It will Explain the scope, objectives and criteria of audits. It will help participants in conducting a QMS audit, including the audit plan and the
audit report. It aims ti show how non conformities and opportunities for improvement must be managed.

Is This Course Part of The Continuous Improvement Training Courses? 

Besides being An ISO 9001 2015 internal auditor course, this course focus deeply on the process improvement. It will discuss practical ways for the continual improvement of business processes.

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ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification Training Course (1026_242102)

1026_242102    10 - 14 Jun 2024    3700  Euro


Course Details

# 1026_242102

10 - 14 Jun 2024


Fees : 3700 Euro