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The Protocol and Etiquette Training Course

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  • 05 - 09 Jun 2023

  • 4000

Mastering Diplomacy and Protocol Skills for Successful Business Relations:

In the current realm, diplomacy and Protocol Skills are not a luxury anymore. They become the required knowledge & skills bodies for agile leaders even if they work in a non diplomatic field.

Business relations between nations and/or companies are very sensitive affair. Stakes are high and margins for mistakes are destructive, if not addressed correctly.

In fact, without adherence to correct protocols, the possibility for fatal errors is massive. One’s misconduct considers heavily on the shoulders of those responsible.
 This course aims at in-depth diplomatic and formal protocols essential to hosting thriving visits and events. It is geared toward those who wish to brush up on their proficiency. Those who seek a career in formal, diplomacy and high-level events coordination. 
This course will help participants represent their countries or organisations in a seamlessly professional way.

This is one of the most essential Public Relations Training Courses because: 

Public relations courses are generally designed for profit oriented organization, but they do not tackle diplomacy.

This course is different from other pr training courses, because this course tackles diplomacy, etiquette and protocol. It is one of the most comprehensive pr courses. It is also considered as one of the top international relations diplomacy courses.


Target Audience for This Etiquette and Protocols Diploma

  • Managers.

  • Leaders.

  • Any Newly Assigned Protocol Officer.

  • Protocol Officers.

  • Executive Office Managers.

  • Government staff.

  • Diplomatic staff.

  • Events coordinators.

  • Executive Personnel in International Organisations.

  • Politicians.

  • C Suite executives.


Targeted Organizational Departments for the Etiquette and Protocols Diploma

  • Public Relations Departments.

  • Top Management.

  • Protocol Departments.


Targeted Industries for the Etiquette and Protocols Diploma

  • Any Sector or Industry.


Learning Impact and Outcomes for the Etiquette and Protocols Diploma

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Acknowledge Protocol Responsibilities.

  • Understand Diplomacy.

  • Thrive at arranging to host International Visits.

  • Prepare the Pre-Arrival arrangements.

  • Understand the requirements for hosting.

  • Run the technical operations.

  • Acknowledge flag protocol.

  • Arrange an event seating plan according to Protocol

  • Handle the social affairs, invitations, & gifting effectively.

  • Learn The Dining Etiquette "elbows off the table".

  • Lean The Table Setting, floor plans.

  • Learn how to write an invitation "letter format".

  • Become a master in Office Protocol & Etiquette.

  • Master the protocol Officer Duties.

  • Lean How to Display the Flag "international protocol for nations flag ".


Training Methodology:

Training is undertaken through lectures assisted by audio & visual presentations. Trainee participation is ensured through assignments, role-plays. Case studies also will be discussed to help the audience with the training content. 

Trainees are also encouraged to share their workplace experiences. Real life examples are discussed in detail by the trainer to enhance learning by example.


Course Toolbox: 

  • Useful Checklists.

  • Reading Material.

  • Case Studies.

Course Agenda:


Day (1) An introduction to Protocol & Diplomacy

  • Definition of Protocol & Diplomacy.

  • Protocol Officer Responsibilities.

  • High-Class Events Duties.

  • Understanding the different diplomatic missions.

  • Permanent Representatives & Missions.

  • The Vienna Convention.

  • Diplomatic Communications.

  • The UN's official languages.


Day (2) Principles & Precedence

  • What is The rule of precedent?

  • The Principle of the Right-hand side

  • The Principle of Sovereign Equality

  • The Precedence between States.

  • Precedence Amongst Heads of States.

  • Precedence amongst Diplomats and Ranks.

  • Precedence amongst UN, EU and AU member states.


Day (3) Hosting Pre-arrival & General Requirements

  • What are official international Visits?

  • Areas of Focus for Hosting a thriving visit.

  • Understanding the Prerequisites for Hosting International Visit;

  1. Funding.

  2. Stay and Air Travel.

  3. Airport Arrival and Departure.

  4. Cultural Issues.

  5. Publicity and Media Coverage.

  6. Interpreters and Translators.

  7. Creating a Finalized Program.


Day (4) Technical Considerations for Hosting an International Visit  

  • Official Arrival and Welcome.

  • Flag placement & flag protocol.

  • Rehearsal for talks.

  • Gift selection and Presentation.

  • Flag Protocols. 

  • The Event Seating Plan.


Day (5) Social Affairs and Invitations

  • How to Write an Invitation for Formal Events.

  • How to Address different titles.

  •  Official Introduction.

  • Making Formal Introductions.


What MakesThe Protocol and Etiquette Training Course Essential

Protocol and etiquette are essential for staff members who work in any industry. They set the tone for how a guest will be treated. They help to ensure that all customers feel comfortable and welcome at your establishment.


The following are some of the most important aspects of protocol and etiquette in the any industry:

  1. Dress code: Staff members should always be dressed for their job and their position within the company. 
  2. Greeting guests: Staff members should always greet guests when they arrive at an establishment. 
  3. Mannerisms: Staff members should always act professionally while interacting with customers or other employees at work. Keeping the right tone of voice in public areas where others can hear you! 
The protocol and etiquette training helps diplomats become more effective. The protocol and etiquette training will help them use their time more efficiently and effectively, which can lead to better results. 
The training will also teach them how to better manage their emotions. They will know how to deal in stressful situations. It should allow them to think clearly. 


Political And Public Relations Courses
The Protocol and Etiquette Training Course (PR1021_242109)

PR1021_242109    05 - 09 Jun 2023    4000 


Course Details

ID Coures: PR1021_242109

The Date: 05 - 09 Jun 2023

The Fess : 4000