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Certified Agile Leadership: A Breakthrough Leadership Training

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  • 19 - 23 Jun 2023

  • 3200

Agility and Empathy: The Role of Change Agents in Navigating the VUCA World

Leadership Agility became a necessity in this rapidly changing (VUCA) World. Agility cannot be achieved without a change agent who is expected to play beyond a simple managerial role. 


What Does VUCA World Means?

It is a method of reflection and coming up with solutions to the issues of our highly dynamic rapidly changing world. The main challenge in a VUCA world is the brilliant linking between the tested ready at the shelved solutions and the challenges. This is where advantage and influence are.

 This needs a combination of agility and art. VUCA is an acronym it is an artificial word. VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Organization leadership strategies cannot afford to be isolated from this VUCA world. 

Leaders are accountable for most of the decision making. These decisions should consider many parameters.  These parameters generally define how your organization should operate. 
Thus, the increase in volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity indicates that leaders and their strategies must pursue a unique orientation. It takes a renewed direction for management and leadership to obtain favourable results under changed events.
The VUCA world questions leaders to find their way. Leaders need to comprehend the psychological and design an empathic mindset. In short, to show a better response to humans and their demands. Definition and sense shall take a major role in business activities.

Targeted Audience For This Certified Agile Leadership Program

  • Supervisors.

  • Managers.

  • Leaders.

  • Agile Team Members.

  • Anyone who aims to become a distinguished leader.

  • Targeted Organizational Departments of Certified Agile Leadership Program

  •  Any organizational department.


Targeted Industries Certified Agile Leadership Program

  • Any Sector or Industry.


Learning Impact and Outcomes of Certified Agile Leadership Program

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the agile concepts.

  • Understand Traditional, Modern and Agile Leadership

  • Understand the Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose

  • Master the Key Activities of Agile leaders

  • Establish Accountability

  • Handle Conflict Effectively 

  • Solve Problems in a systematic Way

  • Make Decisions with confidence.

  • Enhance self and others’ creativity. 


Training Methodology of Certified Agile Leadership Program

This Agilent training is undertaken through lectures assisted by visual and audio tools.
Trainee participation is ensured through assignments, role-plays. Case studies also will be discussed to help the audience with the training content. Trainees are also encouraged to share their workplace experiences. Real life examples are discussed in detail by the trainer to enhance the learning by experience.

Course Toolbox at Certified Agile Leadership Program

  • Agile Worksheet 

  • Agile Kanban Board.

  • Agile Kick-Off Checklist.

  • Ishikawa and De Bono’s six thinking Hats Forms

  • SCAMPER Sheet

  • BCG Case Study on Agile Leadership.


Course Agenda:


Day (1) Agile 101

  • Agile 101

  • Agile is Different.

  • The Agile principles, and background.

  • Agile Key Concepts, Team, Tool Box.


Day (2) Agile Fundamentals Training

  • Agile Rituals and Agile Myths.

  •  Kanban Board Real Examples.

  • Agile Practical Training.

  • Step by Step Approach to start.

  • Understanding the Agile Roles.

  • Agile to Improve Business Performance.


Day (3) Leadership Agility

  • From Traditional to Agile Leadership Styles.

  • From Agile to Agile-Lean Leadership Styles.

  • Developing Teams.

  • Leaving Title Behind.


Day (4) Key Agile Leadership Practices

  • Divergent Vs. Convergent Thinking.

  • Three Steps Process for Collective Problem Solving.

  • Decision Making and the Six Thinking Hats.

  • SCAMPER Approach for Creativity.


Day (5) Persuasive Negotiation Skills

  • Handling Conflict With Emotional Intelligence.

  • The Chimp Paradox and Conflicts  

  • Conflict Handling Styles.

  • Negotiation Tactics and Tricks.


Servant Leadership Agile

The VUCA world needs a suitable framework. Circumstances under which each person has an active chance to contribute their skills and assistance when needed. 

The readiness to engage requires an open and cooperative environment. This environment can be obtained by leaders that encourage independence, innovation, and agility.
Leaders also should establish a corporate culture that unites people within the organization. This relationship becomes more meaningful and can be carried into the focus of leadership even more decisively. 
In a VUCA world, the most significant thing is to foresee the future. Thus, to maintain collaboration in an organisation with up to date answers. 
Decisions and links are success elements for shaping the joint cause. The purpose is to direct the energy used in any matter into noteworthy channels. This enables leaders to come up to value-adding strategies and standards.

 Essential Approaches of Agile Leadership in the VUCA World

Agile leaders Communicate sincerely and transparently with their team members. They spend much effort clearing roadblocks to enable team members to achieve their day to day goals. Through effective communication, agile leaders can expect and remove obstacles to success. 
Agile leaders are constantly listening and monitoring. When a team member addresses a problem that occurs repeatedly, they collect information from related stakeholders to innovate more satisfactory methods. 
Listening to the workforce in the frontline is the key to servant leadership. Agile leaders understand that pragmatic solutions come mainly from the individuals most discreetly familiar with them.
Agile leaders monitor external factors, too. They comprehend how shifts in the market, the economy, or public policies can impact the workplace. They repeatedly refer to strategic objectives for direction and reevaluate them continuously for relevance. Agile leaders thus are trained to act agilely to stay attentive to the client and team members' needs. 
The outcome is that organisations with truly agile leadership are able to adjust along with the VUCA world.
The Certified Agile Leadership Program will help participants to develop Agile leadership skills with confidence. It will equip participants with strategies to lead and manage a team and improve its performance, innovation and creativity. 
This Breakthrough Leadership Training is different. It includes a large section dedicated to the role of leadership in both agile and non-agile organizations. Since it represents a modern leadership framework.
The Certified Agile Leadership Program will also provide practical case studies, creativity tools.
It will discuss ways of resolving conflict helping you to understand the agile change management. Taking a step beyond the agile fundamentals training, this program will prepare you to know how to become an agile coach.

Management And Leadership Courses
Certified Agile Leadership: A Breakthrough Leadership Training (ML1014_242118)

ML1014_242118    19 - 23 Jun 2023    3200 


Course Details

ID Coures: ML1014_242118

The Date: 19 - 23 Jun 2023

The Fess : 3200