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Becoming An Agile Coach

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  • code ML1013_242119

  • 19 - 23 Jun 2023

  • 3200

The Agile Coach Course:

How To Become An Agile Coach course will go over many vital concepts of the agile mindset. It will help participants know the difference between software development and the manufacturing process. The course also offers an enterprise agile framework to deal with complex organizations.
Complex organizations usually are those organizations which needs to coordinate dozens or even hundreds of products. Additionally, this course will prepare you to become a top-notch agile coach.

Targeted Audience For Becoming An Agile Coach Course

  • Supervisors.
  • Managers.
  • Leaders.
  • Agile Team Members.
  • SCRUM Masters.
  • Those who wish to learn How To Become An Agile Coach.
  • Those who are involved in agile change management.

Targeted Organizational Departments of Becoming An Agile Coach Course

 Any organizational department.


Targeted Industries of Becoming An Agile Coach Course

Any Sector or Industry.


Learning Impact and Outcomes for Becoming An Agile Coach Course

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understanding The Agile Mindset.
  • Understand and Apply SCRUM.
  • Embrace The Mindset With Scrum.
  • Upscale the SCRUM Practices.
  •  Rewire Organization with Business Agility.
  • Coach Agile Teams.

Training Methodology of Becoming An Agile Coach Course

This Agilent training is undertaken through lectures assisted by visual and audio tools. 
Trainee participation is ensured through assignments, role-plays. Case studies also will be discussed to help the audience with the training content. Trainees are also encouraged to share their workplace experiences. Real life examples are discussed in detail by the trainer to enhance the learning by experience.

Course Toolbox Provided At Becoming An Agile Coach Course

  • Agile Worksheet 
  • Agile Kanban Board.
  • Agile Kick-Off Checklist.
  • The Simple Agile Lean Mindmap (SLAM).
  • The Scrum Guide.
  • Reading Material.

Course Agenda:


Day (1) Understanding the Agile Mindset

  • What is Agile?

  • How Agile is Different?

  • Agile Key Concepts, Team, Tool Box.

  • How Software is different from manufacturing.

  • Lean software development. 

  • Who is an agile coach?

  • How to Become an agile Coach.


Day (2) Agile Methods

  • Agile Rituals and Myths.

  •  Kanban Board Real Examples.

  • Agile Practical Training.

  • Step by Step Approach to start.

  • Understanding the Agile Roles.

  • Agile to Improve Business Performance.


Day (3) Embrace The Agility Mindset With Scrum

  • The Simple Agile Lean Mindmap (SLAM).

  •  The SCRUM Guide.

  • SCRUM Development Process.


Day (4) Scaling Agile for The Enterprise  

  • The Top Enterprise Scaling Framework.

  • Large Scale Scrum (LeSS).


Day (5) Rewire Organization with Business Agility

  • Product Flow.

  • What is Lean Enterprise?

  • Case Studies.


Agile Coach Questions & Traits:

The Most important question here is what does it take to become an agile coach. Here is a list of the most needed Agile Coach Traits without any particular order:

 Scrum Mastery & Agility Mindset: To be a good coach you need to master Agile and Scrum methods. The majority of influential coaches will have performed within a Scrum Team inventing solutions. A huge plus would be holding Scrum Mastery or a Product Owner understanding.

Lean Thinker: Lean principles go along with all of the Agile principles and the Scrum principles. Thus they can not be ignored. 
Great coaches will be able to demonstrate and support teams. Team members should be able to understand why little sets increase productivity. They also should learn how to recognize and eliminate blockages in the operation, and identify waste in all shapes.
An Outstanding Listening Skills: Although Listening skills are very important, some Agile Coaches are lousy when it comes to listening. They consider that their job is all about informing people what to accomplish.
Coaches should be speaking more than they listen. This is not a preferred trait for any Agile Coach
Emotional Intelligence: As Listening is one of the most important traits, Emotional intelligence is not less important. Agile Coaches require Social and Emotional Intelligence to be influential. 
They should work on improving their skills. They should be able to acknowledge the elephant in the room if there is any.
Positive Attitude & Empathy: Distinguished Agile Coaches ask open ended, non-judgmental questions to support others in solving things for themselves. In fact this approach is better than informing people what to do. Agility Coaching requires a deep understanding of the ask tell matrix.
Understands the Agility Mindset Deeply: The Agility Mindset has several definitions. An Agile Coach should adopt the Agile Values and Principles. This requires focusing on being agile rather than acting agile. 
Thus, the Agile Mindset is more about the possibility of learning and growth. This should be carried without limiting an individual due to her/his intelligence or ability to adapt.
Continuous Improvement: Outstanding coaches launch a vision and produce enthusiasm for continuous improvement. They honour success but prevent satisfaction with good enough. Furthermore, great coaches will be coaching by example by enhancing themselves. They carry on agile knowledge, get feedback and practice learning and development.
 Acting as a Change Agent:  The finest coaches understand how organizational evolution works. They also understand how to support an organization to change effectively. Agile Change is more than a simple process change. Agile Change can only be carried through a complete mindset change.
Agile Coaches need to understand this mindset shifts. Only through deep understanding they will be able to help individuals make that change regardless of their organizational status.


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Becoming An Agile Coach (ML1013_242119)

ML1013_242119    19 - 23 Jun 2023    3200 


Course Details

ID Coures: ML1013_242119

The Date: 19 - 23 Jun 2023

The Fess : 3200