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The Agile Job Evaluation Course

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  • code HR1009_242132

  • 26 - 30 Jun 2023

  • 3200

Agile Job Analysis and Evaluation

Today's Environment has shifted the reality of workforce requirements. This created a need for more agile Job evaluations. This can be achieved by changing the job analysis perspective into a more agile mindset.

This program equips participants with a deeper understanding of agile job analysis and job evaluation. In this program, participants will consider the design, development, and implementation of pay and grade structures. 


Agility in HR Practices:

The term "agile" has become a buzzword in the business world. The agility of a company is directly tied to its success. This increases the importance of Agile HR processes. And that's where our Agile Job Evaluation course comes in.
Job evaluations are an essential part of the HR process. They help understand which employees are performing well and which ones need some work. But most importantly, they help measure the company's agility.
Organization agility is the extent to which an organization can adapt, respond to change, and react when new opportunities arise.

Targeted Audience for This Agile HR Certification Course

  • HR Managers.

  • HR Specialists.

  • HR Directors.

  • Recruiters.

  • Talent Acquisition Specialist.

  • Organizational Development Specialists.

  • Any agile HR practitioner.


Targeted Organizational Departments for This Agile HR Certification Course 

  • Human Resource Departments.


Learning Impact and Outcomes of Targeted Organizational Departments for This Agile HR Certification Course

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the strategic depth of the agile workforce.
  • Follow a step by step approach toward agile job analysis & Evaluation.
  • Use every tool in the job analysis & Job Evaluation toolbox effectively.
  • Develop talent journeys for the current workforce.
  • Forecast the future trends when building an agile workforce.
  • Increase HR Agility.

Training Method:

This training program combines theoretical and practical approaches. It aims at enhancing participants' knowledge of manpower planning. It aims also to equip participants with the right tools to use when planning their talent journeys.


Course Toolbox 

  • Agile HR Adoption Checklist.
  • Case Studies.
  • Reading Material.
  • The Competency Book.
  • Job Evaluation Methods.
  • Job Analysis Forms.
  • Job Grading Forms.

Course Agenda:


Day (1) Difference Between Job Evaluation and Job Description

  • The Environmental Scan.

  •  An introduction to job analysis.

  • Job Description & Job Specifications.

  • Job Hazard Analysis Training & Job Safety Analysis.

  • Developing Job Families and Organization Charts.


Day (2) Agile Job Analysis Techniques 

  • Job Design.

  • Reactions and behaviours of Job Analysis.

  • Job Analysis Methods.

  • Specialized Job Analysis Methods.

  • Stages in the Job Analysis Process.


Day (3) The Agile Job Evaluation 

  • Job Evaluation Definition.

  • Qualitative Methods of Job Evaluation.

  • Quantitative Methods of Job Evaluation.

  • Job sub-factor.

  • Point Job Evaluation Methodologies.

  • Factor Comparison Method.

  • Hay Job Evaluation Training.

  • The Competency Assessment Framework. 

  • Pay Surveys. 


Day (4) Organizational Design and Analysis.

  • Comparing Jobs

  • Job Size and Shape.

  • Job Leveling.

  • Job Grading Method.

  • Best Practices in Organization Design

  • Techniques for Pricing the Job. 

  • Maintaining Agility in HR.


Day (5) Job Rotation and Agile Mindset

  • Building a learning organization.

  • Developing talents.

  • Planning a SMART Rotation and Replacement plan.

  • Succession Planning Training.

  • Replacement Chart.


Job Evaluation and Job Description

 Job evaluation and job description are two different processes that go hand in hand.

Job Evaluation: Job evaluation is a process of establishing the worth of an employee's work concerning other employees' work. It is based on factors such as experience, training and education, responsibilities, working conditions and performance.

In this process, all jobs are compared with each other to decide which one is more valuable than the other. This process helps organizations in deciding how much salary or bonus to pay to their employees.
Job Description: A job description is also known as "job specifications" or simply "job specs". Job descriptions are written documents that define what an employee is expected to do during his/her employment with an organization

Is This One of The Organizational Design Courses?

Organizational design is the process of aligning the structure of an organization with its strategy. As such, it is critical to the success of any business. A poorly designed organizational structure can lead to many issues. While a well-designed structure will help your company achieve its goals.
A job evaluation system is a tool that can help you create an effective organizational structure. This could be done by determining the relative value of each position in your company. This allows you to place positions at different levels based on their importance within the organization. It allows also ensuring that all employees are paid fairly for their contributions.
This Agile Job Evaluation Course will teach you how to develop an effective organizational structure. It Aims at using job evaluation methods based on current industry standards.

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The Agile Job Evaluation Course (HR1009_242132)

HR1009_242132    26 - 30 Jun 2023    3200 


Course Details

ID Coures: HR1009_242132

The Date: 26 - 30 Jun 2023

The Fess : 3200