Succession Planning and Organizational Design: Micro MBA in HRM Training Course Event, 21.Apr.2025

Succession Planning and Organizational Design: Micro MBA in HRM Training Course Event, 21.Apr.2025

Course Details

  • # 36074_249166

  • 21 - 20 Apr 2025

  • Kuala Lumpur

  • 4400 Euro


Our Micro MBA in Human Resources Management Training Course delivers a complete training course designed to empower HR professionals with a comprehensive understanding of HR functions. This course combines vital aspects of human resource management, agility in HR, and succession planning training to create a well-rounded HR specialist. Incorporating unique features like hay job evaluation training, job analysis, and evaluation, alongside qualitative methods of job evaluation, the course also explores the nuances of People Operations. The program uniquely covers the organizational design, preparing the participants to shape efficient, productive workplaces.


Target Audience:

  • HR Managers
  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Specialists
  • HR Operations Specialists
  • People Operations Managers

The course addresses gaps in job evaluation methods, HR agility, and manpower planning process.


Targeted Organizational Departments:

  • Human Resources
  • People Operations
  • Organizational Design

These departments would benefit from succession planning training, agile HR certification, and job hazard analysis training involved in the course.


Targeted Industries:

  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Education

These industries require agility in HR and a deep understanding of job evaluation definition and methods.


Course Offerings:

Participants will learn:

  1. Succession Planning: Prepare replacement charts and use manpower planning templates.
  2. HR Agility: Incorporate agile practices into HR functions.
  3. Job Evaluation: Distinguish between job evaluation and job description.
  4. Organizational Design: Apply organizational design courses knowledge to shape efficient workplaces.
  5. Manpower Planning: Understand and apply the manpower planning process.


Training Methodology:

This training course uses a blended approach, incorporating case studies, group work, interactive sessions, and feedback sessions. It covers HR business partner functions, the job evaluation course, and succession planning training. Participants will also receive hay job evaluation training to understand different job evaluation methods and the difference between job evaluation and job description.


Course Toolbox:

  • Workbooks
  • Online resources
  • Manpower planning template
  • Job hazard analysis training tools
  • Hay job evaluation training materials


Course Agenda:

Day 1: Introduction, HR Future Trends and Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Topic 1: Human Resource Management: Present and Future
  • Topic 2: Information Technology for Human Resources
  • Topic 3: Equal Employment Opportunity: The Legal Environment
  • Topic 4: Implementing Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Reflection & Review: Reflecting on HR's future trends and equal employment opportunity


Day 2: Staffing the Organization

  • Topic 1: Job Analysis and Job Design
  • Topic 2: Human Resource Planning
  • Topic 3: Recruiting Employees
  • Topic 4: Selecting Employees
  • Reflection & Review: Understanding the nuances of staffing and recruitment


Day 3: Training and Developing Employees

  • Topic 1: Orientation and Employee Training
  • Topic 2: Management and Organizational Development
  • Topic 3: Career Development
  • Topic 4: Performance Appraisal Systems
  • Reflection & Review: Implementing employee training and development programs


Day 4: Compensating Employees and Organizational Rewards

  • Topic 1: The Organizational Reward System
  • Topic 2: Base Wage and Salary System
  • Topic 3: Incentive Pay Systems
  • Topic 4: Employee Benefits
  • Reflection & Review: Understanding compensation and benefits structure


Day 5: Understanding Unions and Employee Relations

  • Topic 1: The Legal Environment and Structure of Labor Unions
  • Topic 2: Union Organizing Campaigns and Collective Bargaining
  • Topic 3: Employee Relations
  • Topic 4: Employee Safety and Health
  • Reflection & Review: Navigating labor union challenges and ensuring employee safety


How This Course is Different from other HRM Courses:

Our Micro MBA in HRM course stands out through its focus on equipping HR specialists with a blend of traditional and emerging HR skills. The course emphasizes not just the theory but also the practical application of concepts such as HR agility, hay job evaluation training, and the manpower planning process. In contrast to other courses, we provide a holistic view of HR functions, from organizational design to succession planning training, fostering a well-rounded understanding of the HR landscape.

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Succession Planning and Organizational Design: Micro MBA in HRM Training Course (36074_249166)

36074_249166    21 - 20 Apr 2025    4400  Euro


Course Details

# 36074_249166

21 - 20 Apr 2025

Kuala Lumpur

Fees : 4400 Euro